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Turn Violent Video Games into Free Money From Dumb People »

Southington, Connecticut, thinks they have a solution to violence. They’re offering a $25 gift card for every violent video game that’s turned in. The games will be incinerated, probably just with matches, although it would be much cooler if they destroyed them with a flamethrower or a BFG. They don’t define what makes a game […]

Tiresome Memes »

  Social media sites are infested with sayings plastered into graphics files. Most of them are trite, cliché, and/or stupid. The few that aren’t are diminished by such treatment. If you’ve got something worth reading, just write it in regular text. Plain text retains the power of your words.  Slapping them into a graphics file dilutes their […]

Liz Becton – I Have a Name For Her »

I prefer to be called Dave, not David.  The first time someone calls me David I correct them with one word: “Dave.”  If they persist, it’s not a big deal. Her Royal Highness Elizabeth Becton, the office manager for Rep. Jim McDermot, has a different approach.  She gets snotty, pissy, bitchy, and just when you’d […]

The Solution to the Jewish Salt Conspiracy »

I’m finding so many stupid things believers do I was thinking of starting a separate blog – Things Atheists Didn’t Do – to list them.  But the last thing I need is another blog, so I’ve just made it a category on this one. The only difference between Kosher salt and regular salt is the […]

PETA Has Found a New Way to be Disgusting. »

A friend, who has one of the funniest blogs on the internet, sent me a link to a story about PETA that was too disgusting to even consider writing about. So I considered it. And he considered it. We wrote back and forth about how disgusting it was. It was like a contest between adolescent […]

Something You’ll Never Need »

As an enthusiastic amateur chef I’m always looking for new food items and kitchen gadgets. Especially gadgets. Some gadgets are handy, some are just fun, and quite a few of them are useless. Recently I found the most useless kitchen gadget ever. Dean & Deluca, purveyors of high priced and overpriced goods, is selling an […]

Catholics go Cuckoo for Crackers »

Most of us associate religious whack-jobbery with Christian and Muslim fundies. At first glance it may appear that mainstream Christian denominations have grown up a bit, and are not quite as goofy as the fringes. A mass of wacky catholics have stepped up to correct that misconception. Webster Cook, a student at University of Central […]