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Florida Fires Teacher for Magic Trick »

Quick, which state has the most mouth-breating, slack jawed, drooling morons on their school boards? If you guessed Kansas, Alabama or Mississippi, you might be right. But Florida is doing everything they can to prove they can be just as encephalitic as any of the goober states. Several counties are considering teaching creationism in public […]

More Homeland Stupidity »

If you want to go fishing in any of the Great Lakes, be sure to have your passport. And to fax in all your ID info to customs an hour before you leave. And then visit customs afterward to have your photographs taken, along with a sliver of your dignity. These are new rules to […]

Swearing at Dogs is Now A Crime »

In yet another example of police state extremes/stupidity, a man who swore at a police dog has been charged with animal cruelty. “Police say Rogers yelled an obscene statement in the window as he walked past a patrol vehicle that contained a patrol dog “causing (the dog’s) behavior to become overloaded, tormenting the dog,” the […]

Don’t Bogart that Sanitizer, My Friend »

How many mouth-breathing brain-dead adults can you find in this picture? A fourteen year old boy in Lewisville Texas applied some hand sanitizer that was on his fifth grade teachers desk.  He smelled it, but evidently inhaled too deeply. The school officials called the cops, who hauled him into the police department, photographed and fingerprinted […]

Jews Cause Global Warming »

No matter what the problem is, sooner or later someone will Blame The Jews. In yet another example why it’s so difficult to write satire in this world, a group calling themselves “Green Hanukkah” is calling on Jews to combat global warming by lighting one less Hanukkah candle. Each unburned candle will save a whopping […]

Out Of The Frying Pan »

The Mayor of Cincinnati won’t fire off a starter pistol to signal the beginning of an upcoming road race, because he doesn’t like the symbolism. “I think the symbolism is just bad,” he said. “It’s just something I don’t do.” The mayor says he’s going to blow a whistle instead. Last year the city had […]

No Sex For You »

If you eat meat, neither of these people will have sex with you. They call themselves Vegansexuals, because they wouldn’t want to call themselves something ridiculous, and think they’re making a point by refusing to have sex with carnivores. Can you think of a better reason to order a thick, juicy steak? The woman is […]