Don’t Bogart that Sanitizer, My Friend

How many mouth-breathing brain-dead adults can you find in this picture?

A fourteen year old boy in Lewisville Texas applied some hand sanitizer that was on his fifth grade teachers desk.  He smelled it, but evidently inhaled too deeply.

The school officials called the cops, who hauled him into the police department, photographed and fingerprinted him.  The DA charged him with delinquency, claiming he smelled the stuff “induce a condition of intoxication, hallucination and elation.”

Eventually the charges were dropped, but not until the boy’s father hired a lawyer and the story received media attention.

It’s not surprising that a school administrator would do this – they are almost always anal retentive dull normals with less imagination than a Britney Spears lyricist.  But any cop with a double digit IQ should have laughed the thing off, called the school official a disparaging name, and then snickered about it over donuts back at the station.  Instead, he hauled the kid in and treated him like a criminal.  The police chief should have stopped it right there, but he didn’t.  The prosecutor should have cited the police for being assholes and ended it there.  But it wasn’t until lawyers and the media were called in that any of the authoritarians backed down.

The school officials, the cop, the chief and the prosecutor should all get together – in the unemployment line.


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