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Herfing With The Smartenizer – Life, Liberty, and Proper Tea »

I just did an interview on the Life, Liberty and Proper Tea podcast. We talk (and disagree somewhat) on source of rights, touch on understanding statistics, then move on to the subject of Nicotine Nannies, and how they’ve inspired other nannies with different causes. From there we discuss the joys and risks of tobacco, and why […]

Michael Bloomberg Goes To Heaven »

I am telling you if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in. I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.  – Michael Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg died and approached the Pearly Gates. Saint Peter looked up from a thick book, […]

Everybody Draw Mohamed Day »

Today is “Everybody Draw Mohamed Day,” a response to the evil imbeciles who insist their rights are being violated when anyone criticizes their idiotic superstitions, and who get upset, to the point of rioting, when anyone pictures their founding asshole. I thought of doing something obscene, but this should be fun, not cruel, so I […]

Writing – Getting the Details Right »

Jefferson picked up the intact motorcycle and examined it in the moonlight.  “This is great!  I wonder where that dirtball got a hold of this beauty.  Check this out, Catherine, it’s a 1957 Harley 74 Panhead with a Fat Bob gas tank.  What a great crotch rocket.” TNT’s show “Leverage” features some great characters and […]

Obama Raises Taxes on the Poor »

I meant to post about this when it happened a couple of weeks ago. Today I was reminded about it by a catalog from JR Cigars, announcing the 54% tax increase on cigars. Obama promised none of his tax increases would hit the poor or middle class. He lied. Surprise surprise. SCHIP was originally intended […]

ASHoles site Redecorated »

Action on Smoking and Health is one the most vile anti-smoker organization out there.  They sell kits to help nannies get smokers kicked out of their homes and make custody battles more contentious. They do this with a site almost as ugly as their black, shriveled souls. Last week they made the rookie mistake of […]

The Real Cost of the Bailout »

A friend just sent me two boxes of cigars and a link to this article.  The cigars were Comachos and Hoyo de Monterrey Excaliburs.  He also included a limited edition CAO thrown in for good measure.  The article breaks down the likely real cost of the bailout. It includes multi-billion dollar handouts to private companies […]