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Congratulations, Officers »

“You know the score, pal! {If} you’re not cop, you’re little people.” – Bryant, in Blade Runner. Congratulations, Officers. You’ve set a new record. In 2015 you killed 1202 people – slightly more than 100 per month. When I checked the numbers at Killed By Police on December 28, you were at 1196. I was worried […]

Justice Theater »

To outward appearances, the US has one justice system that serves everyone. But if you pay close attention, you’ll see that it’s a two-tier system which operates differently depending on who is being processed through it. Tier 1 is reserved for police officers. (Politicians and the very wealthy may also receive Tier 1 treatment, although […]

Please Punish Us Some More »

Most police temper tantrums result in one of us mundanes being murdered or maimed, but the latest hissy fit by NYPD has, much to their embarrassment, been a very good thing for citizens. NYPD cops are now ignoring most of the trivial “offenses” committed by citizens. The numbers have been widely reported. Compared to the […]

Cameras On Cops Won’t Change Anything. Here’s Something That Could. »

For the past couple of years I’ve been obsessed with stories of cops murdering and maiming citizens and never being held accountable for it. The scenarios are always the same, and have happened literally thousands of times: A cop maims or murders a citizen who was doing nothing wrong, or perhaps suspected of some minor […]

The Police State – Are We There Yet? »

I used to like cops. I thought there were just a few bad ones, and that most of them performed a vital service. Some of that opinion was the result of conversations with them on GEnie, a pre-internet dial up service similar to CompuServe and Prodigy. People paid six bucks an hour for a 1200 […]

Jason Faulk gets his record sealed. »

That would be Ex-cop Jason Faulk, of Portland. You can’t get into his record, so don’t even try. And if you google his name, all you’ll find is this article that says the record of him having sex on the job with an autistic woman who called the cops for help is sealed. You can’t […]

The Deadliest Gang on The Street »

Four weeks ago Jose Guerena was gunned down in his home by a heavily armed gang. Jose, an ex-marine who survived two tours in Iraq, was sleeping after working a 12 hour shift in a mine. He heard a violent commotion outside and, knowing his wife and child were inside, grabbed his rifle and stepped […]