The Deadliest Gang on The Street

Four weeks ago Jose Guerena was gunned down in his home by a heavily armed gang. Jose, an ex-marine who survived two tours in Iraq, was sleeping after working a 12 hour shift in a mine. He heard a violent commotion outside and, knowing his wife and child were inside, grabbed his rifle and stepped into the hallway. The gang broke down his door and shot him 71 times. To make sure he was good and dead they held off medical professionals for more than an hour.

The national news media ignored the story.

The five thugs who murdered Jose have already been exonerated.

Three weeks ago the same gang gunned down Raymond Herisse on a busy Miami street. He was driving his car and fleeing an altercation with other members of the same gang. The gang forced him to a stop and before he had a chance to react they executed him on the spot. They also showed no concern for bystanders – four other people were wounded.

The national news media ignored the story.

This week the same gang murdered William A. Cooper, a 69 year old man with bad eyesight. According to neighbors he was a nice old guy who never bothered anyone. There had been quite a few break-ins in his neighborhood, so when he heard a commotion outside he picked up his gun and went to see what it was about. He fired off a shot when his door was broken down, and so the gang members murdered him. A few stray bullets reportedly flew into the baseball diamond behind his house were children were playing.

The national news media ignored this story too.

Incidents like this are becoming more and more common. Hardly a week goes by without someone being killed or maimed by this deadly gang, but you’ll never hear about it if you get all your news from the mainstream media. These stories are not hard to find, though. Why is the MSM ignoring them?

Maybe it’s because this gang wears badges. The badges give them a license to maim and murder citizens, knowing that their “punishment” will be a paid vacation while other gang members “investigate,” then exonerate them. They also know that if they get as much as a tiny bruise from a citizen trying to defend themselves, that citizen will spend a very long time in jail.

Two of the murders were captured on video. Standard warnings apply. The first is the murder of Jose.

Notice that the siren was on for a mere seven seconds and sounded like an errant car alarm. Also notice that after breaking the door down they immediately started shooting. They could have quickly steped to the side and given him a chance to surreneder. Instead, they slaughtered him.

This was, of course, part of the War on Some Drugs. The thugs claimed he was part of a drug ring. None of these rocket scientists stopped to ask why a drug dealer would work 12 hours shifts in a mine. None of them said “Hey, let’s just knock on the door, or maybe arrest him when he’s leaving for work, or coming back home.

They found no evidence of drug dealing, and evidently didn’t have enough time to plant any.

The murderers were exonerated. Of course they were exonerated. You didn’t expect justice, did you? Come on, this is the United States. In the rare cases where cops fail to find themselves innocent, prosecutors seldom bring the cases to the grand jury.  Grand Juries very rarely indite. When they do the prosecutor stacks the jury with drooling mouth breathers who almost always give the cops a free pass. And in the extremely-ultra-rare-easier-to-win-the-lottery-twice-in-a-row cases where there’s a conviction, judges give them the lightest sentences possible. For instance, in Washington State a transit cop shot a kid in the back, while the kid was handcuffed and face down on the ground. It was captured on several videos, so a pretense of justice was necessary. The cop was given a mere three years for manslaughter.

Here’s the video for the Miami Murder.

One of the thugs even pointed a loaded gun at the man taking the video. The thugs tried confiscating his camera, but he was smart enough to remove the chip and hide it in his mouth. The cops were dumb enough for that to fool them.

One of the most important gun safety rules is “look behind your target.” No matter how bad the bad guy is you need to make sure stray bullets, or bullets that penetrate the target, don’t hurt someone else. Thugs, though, don’t give a damn about the safety of citizens. They wounded four people who had nothing to do with the incident.

Cooper was also a victim of The War on Some Drugs. The police were acting on an anonymous tip that he was selling some of his prescription pills. He had a predictable schedule and could have easily been arrested without incident. Instead, he was slaughtered in his home. Oh, and there was no evidence of drug dealing either. So sorry.

Cops used to brag about doing their twenty years without ever un-holstering their gun.  They were justifiably proud of that.  It was a measure of skill, the ablity to handle potentially dangerous situations without allowing them to escalate.  It meant they were able to do their job with minimum risk to themselves and the public.

Those days are long gone.  In recent months they’ve conducted armed raids on places like health food stores, because the raw milk they were bravely hunting down evidently gives hippies superpowers.  They’ve made armed raids on the Amish who also were selling raw milk.  They do have pitchforks that are very very pointy.  One man was dragged out of house at gunpoint because his wife had missed some payments on her student loans.

We can only guess why cops insist on using such dangerous methods to attack citizens. Perhaps they need the adrenaline rush. Perhaps it’s pure bloodlust. Perhaps it’s simply contempt for the citizens they pretend to serve. (If you haven’t seen that contempt first hand, visit any police forum and con your way into the private areas. You will be appalled at the attitudes they proudly display.)

Why does the national media ignore it? I have no idea, and would love to read your hypothesis.

The only thing more appalling than the media’s complacency and the cops contempt for the public is the citizens who insist on defending cops in these situations. Check out the comments on any news story like this. You’ll find a plethora of bootlickers defending the murderers. They don’t just accept the cops behavior; they celebrate it and cheer it on. I’m embarrassed to share the country with such people.

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  1. Al I can say is this bullshit really pisses me off, If I were to say how I really feel I could go to prison.

    Joshua | Jun 26, 2011 | Reply


    Actor/weakling cancer survivor gets beaten up by Vancouver police for offering to give an eyewitness account of a crime.

    Ashley | Sep 24, 2011 | Reply

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