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Statheists »

Many atheists, myself included, once passionately believed in our religion. We would fiercely defend it against all critics, usually with canned talking points we knew by heart. When doubts started creeping in, we went on serious searches for answers, and were dismayed by what we found. At first we rejected anything that contradicted our beliefs, […]

I Have Seen The Light »

I just read an article that is so profound, so full of wisdom, so insightful, that it changed the way I look at the world. I’m going to have to alter my entire belief system and way of life, but I’m looking forward to that. Before continuing, please read this remarkable article: Nobel Prize to […]

I Don’t Want to Go to Heaven »

Last week the pope announced that atheists might go to heaven. To which I replied, “How dare you threaten me!”  He was wearing his pretty white dress with 24 carat gold trimmings and enough gold jewelry to make Liberace jealous, surrounded by other men wearing similarly fabulous attire. He took a break from condemning gayness […]

Responding to A+ Accusations »

Last year a group of atheists and skeptics decided that the only correct mode of thought was far left humanism and militant, man-hating feminism. They created the A+ movement as a response to those who dared to push-back against their nonsense. Their occasionally interesting blogs were transformed into cesspools of self-righteous name calling. They drove […]

It’s Very Brightly Colored, And It’s Very Loud »

I’ve seen quite a few mashups done in this style, and while most of them are pretty cool they usually seem a little forced, a little contrived. Not this one, though. It captures not just the words, but the style and attitude of my two favorite philosophers.

There’s a New Religion in Town – Atheism Plus »

I visit the Free Thought Blogs network from time to time, mostly to read one blog I like. While there, I usually click on another blog or two. Most of the writers are very long-winded.  They fill pages and pages without presenting any new ideas or expressing old ideas in new or interesting ways. Their […]

Non-Religious People Are More Compassionate Than Religious People. Right? »

We all like to believe our group is better than their group, and atheists and skeptics are not immune, so this article, which claims that religious people are less compassionate than the non-religious,  didn’t surprise me.  Read it and see how many times your Bullshit Meter goes off. Done? If you’d like to continue testing your meter here’s a more thorough and slightly less […]