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Banana Man »

Banana Man It’s nine AM on a Sunday The regular crowd shuffles in With their bibles in hand they fill up the stands I wish the girls showed some more skin They say Kirk can you tell me a fairy tale On TV and blogs and YouTube Say something cute about tropical fruit And prove […]

Adventures at the Reason Rally »

Twenty thousand godless people gathered in Washington DC last weekend to celebrate and cheer and plan and just have a good time being with each other. I was one of them. Eventually there will be videos and DVDs available, but they won’t be as good as having been there. Everyone will pick different speeches and performances […]

Goodbye, Hitch »

Our world is full pseudo-intellectuals, like Chomsky and Krugman and Gingrich and that loud-talker two tables over at lunch yesterday who just would not shut the fuck up. Real intellectuals, the people who force us to challenge not just our assumptions but our most deeply held beliefs, who make us think in ways we’ve never […]

More Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

A Muslum man murdered his 17 year old daughter for talking to a boy.  He’s proud of it, and wishes he had killed her when she was born.  His brothers helped, and because his society approves of such actions, he is a free man who hasn’t been charged with any crime.  The police congratulated him […]

Funky Fundy Facts »

This article takes the time to carefully debunk these claims by a fundy anti-choice group. I saw it when some skeptic friends posted it on some social network sites.  They were upeset at the nonsense the fundies were spewing. I look at it a quite differently. This kind of hyperbole is a powerfully good thing. Think about the […]

Another List of Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

Here’s yet more entires in the ongoing, and apparently endless, list of Things Atheists Didn’t Do. Next time someone makes the idiotic claim that atheists are more immoral than the religious, refer to to these handy lists. Everything in them, from the horrific to the hilarious, was inspired by superstition and ridiculous religious beliefs, which don’t encumber atheists. We start with […]

Atheists Ain’t Got No Songs »

Until now.