Funky Fundy Facts

This article takes the time to carefully debunk these claims by a fundy anti-choice group. I saw it when some skeptic friends posted it on some social network sites.  They were upeset at the nonsense the fundies were spewing.

I look at it a quite differently. This kind of hyperbole is a powerfully good thing.

Think about the intended audience, the people the authors of such nonsense are trying to influence. It consists of young fundies who really want to get laid. Some of them are such hard-core believers that nothing is going to get through to them. They gobble up the myths and re-spew them, using it to strengthen their armor against reality, while fervently praying to their god for forgiveness every time they finish masturbating. No report or article or logic is going to have any effect on them, ever.

But there is a subset within that group, a fairly large one, who are beginning to notice that everything they’re being taught has the odor of bullshit. They are, slowly, growing a bullshit meter, and if it becomes fully functional it will make them abandon their cult and accept reality.

I speak from experience. I was one of those kids, and the funky, not-quite-right BS spewed by my cult was the primary thing that woke me up. “Wait, that can’t be right. Let me dig some more.” Back then research required a trip to the library. Now such forbidden knowledge is just a few clicks away.

When a scientist’s mistake is exposed we say “Cool, that’s how science works.” New facts, even facts that change our whole understanding of reality, are celebrated. Mistakes are a good thing because they give us another opportunity to learn something. But fundy cults teach that their “knowledge” is 100% inspired of God, and therefore infallible. This means a doubter may need just one piece of bullshit to pierce their armor. “Hold on, that’s wrong. Which means their claim of 100% perfection is wrong. Which means….”

Doctrines that are just slightly off, just vaguely goofy, won’t be enough to drive a wedge into the cracks in their armor. But things like this, which are completely off the wall, can. The more of this kind of nonsense they’re inundated with, the faster their BS meter will develop and the quicker they’ll leave the world of spooks and demons.

Brains and curiosity are deadly to cult beliefs. My mother once said to me, “If you weren’t so smart you’d be able to accept The Truth.” She was on the right track, but it wasn’t brains that killed my faith. It was curiosity. Articles like this can arouse that deadly curiosity, which leads, usually slowly but often inevitably, to embracing reality.

So bring it on, fundy leaders. Bring it on by the bucket-load, the truck load, the boxcar load. Because the more spew your spew the faster you’ll help purge your flock of thinking people, which is better for us, and ultimately, better for you, too.


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