Category: Personal Adventures

Problems In The Garden »

I was working in my garden and my son was in the yard playing with the boy and girl who live across the street. They said they were hungry. I told them, “There’s plenty of snacks in the kitchen. You can help yourself to whatever you want. Just don’t touch those two big apples on […]

I Don’t Want To Be An Angel »

Most religions promise a joyful afterlife as a disembodied spirit. Few believers really think about how unsatisfying that would be. Me, I never want to be an angel.

Jury Duty »

If someone is really guilty of murder, rape, robbery, assault, fraud, animal abuse – anything where there is an actual victim – I want to see them punished, but that brings in a whole different slew of doubts and problems.

Blurry Lines »

Immature artists copy. Mature artists steal – Variously Ascribed The verdict on the Blurred Lines lawsuit is ridiculous. The style of both songs is similar, but you can’t copyright style. The bass lines are similar, but not the same. The melody is entirely different. The lyrics are different. This isn’t one artist going after another […]

Farewell, Sammy »

With the possible exception of a few human beings, dogs are the finest creatures on the planet. Having a dog makes life much better, so losing a dog makes life much worse. I’ve shared my life with lots of different dogs, and every time I’ve lost one I’ve cried like a toddler. I’m crying as […]

Service Experts Ripoff »

Eight years ago, Roland J. Down, a large local company, installed a new heater and air conditioner in my home. I’ve had them do a few annual inspections since then, so a week ago, when the air conditioner died during a heat wave, I gave them a call.  The repair guy showed up on time, […]

Rituals »

My morning ritual starts with making a French press full of coffee. Grind the beans, heat the water… I can do it in my sleep, which is good, because before I have that first cup I’m barely conscious. The first sip from the first cup makes me feel more alert immediately, far quicker than the […]