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Blood Witness is Now Available for Your Kindle »

Many many years ago I thought “I’d like to read a novel about a vampire who becomes a Jehovah’s Witness.”  But no one had written one, so I had to. Blood Witness, released as a podiobook a while back, is now available on your kindle for less than the price of a Starbucks coffee. It’s […]

The Critics Who Matter »

Kyria Abrams, a very funny writer and performer, posted a FB link to this article from a blog I hadn’t seen before. The author was dealing with something all artists experience – harsh negative criticism about his art – in this case an album he had released. In theory, we should be able to adopt the […]

Don’t Stand So Close To Me »

When some of your ideas and opinions are out of the mainstream one of the biggest impediments to presenting them can be people who are on your side. For instance, you’re Smartenizing someone on the issue of Second Hand Smoke. You’re talking to an otherwise intelligent person who has succumbed to the endless hype and […]

Adventures at the Reason Rally »

Twenty thousand godless people gathered in Washington DC last weekend to celebrate and cheer and plan and just have a good time being with each other. I was one of them. Eventually there will be videos and DVDs available, but they won’t be as good as having been there. Everyone will pick different speeches and performances […]

How to Get Your Kids Out of Bed in the Morning »

The Water Of Love Method My kids inherited my dislike of getting up in the morning. When they were little getting them out of bed for school was a daily battle. It started with me opening their bedroom doors and telling them to get out of bed. It usually ended with everyone yelling at each […]

Weasels Oppose Thug Protection App »

Imagine an iPhone app that would give you real time updates about the location of violent gangs that want to rob you at gunpoint and mess your life up as much as possible.  Gangs whose members are known for committing murder and getting away with it.  Gangs that use tazers on old people and children […]

Nothing Like a Real Fireplace »

I’m now working as a pitchman, doing shows at Sam’s Clubs and BJs Clubs, demonstrating and selling this.   (Warning: the web site automatically starts playing sound.  Not my design, folks.) There’s downtime between shows which I often spend wandering around the store. It’s cold here in the Northeast, so one of the more popular items […]