Category: Personal Adventures

How Mozy Lost a Customer »

Despite the problems I’d had with Mozy, I kept using them because I was lazy and never got around to switching to a better service.  They were taking their monthly payment out of Paypal, but when that account got depleted they notified me I needed to give them a different card to continue using their […]

Note to Retailers »

One side effect of working in retail off and on is my deep hatred of Christmas carols. Most stores play an endless loop of the same ten or twelve songs until you want to stand on the counter and scream “Turn This Crap off!” This reaction is is generally frowned opon by most employers. The […]

Things I’ve Learned From Old People »

I’m not quite ready to admit to being old, but I can see it on the horizon, getting closer with each passing birthday.  The signs are unmistakable – I’m stiffer and slower than before (and I was never very speedy in the first place).  I’ve caught myself making old man noises when I sit down.  […]

I Are A Expert »

While discussing crackpots on Facebook a friend posted a video of someone claiming to be a Psychophysiologist. So I’ve decided to declare myself an expert by making up a silly but complicated name for my field of study. I’m a Nicotianastogieologist, specializing in herfpalaver. (Translation: I like smoking cigars with other talkative cigar smokers.) What’s […]

Justified Downloading »

It’s Sunday night.  I’m tired and bored and sitting in a hotel room and I think, “Hey, I’ll watch an episode of “Justified.” First I went to Hulu.  There service is cool enough to put up with watching their commercials even though they tend to air extremely stupid ones (like Capital One) for extremely evil […]

U-Haul, U-Swerve, U-Scream »

Driving a U-Haul moving van is like getting a piggyback ride from Michael Moore.  It’s bumpy, noisily, uncomfortable, pulls to the left, is difficult to maneuver and has huge blind spots on both sides. I just spent the past two days piloting one of these POS so I feel qualified to offer the following advice. […]

Help me Pick a Surveillance Camera »

I need some advice about home security cameras. Relatives are having trouble with a persistent and nasty vandal. They know who he is, but he strikes randomly and at night and they can’t prove he’s the culprit. They want to photograph him in the act. A few clear photos, or a video, combined with his […]