Justified Downloading

It’s Sunday night.  I’m tired and bored and sitting in a hotel room and I think, “Hey, I’ll watch an episode of “Justified.”

First I went to Hulu.  There service is cool enough to put up with watching their commercials even though they tend to air extremely stupid ones (like Capital One) for extremely evil companies (like Capital One).  Since the show contains naughty language I’m prompted to log in, because, hey, no one under age would ever lie about that when creating an account.  I enter the generic username/password I use for unimportant sites, and it fails.  I’m too tired/annoyed to deal with that, so I google “justified” and go directly to FXs site.

I pick an episode to watch and am informed I’ll have to download a viewer.  Great.  So I do.  And it doesn’t work.  I’m using a Windows 7 laptop that’s less than a week old and their damn movie viewer doesn’t work.  They take me to a page that wants me to do diagnostics.

Screw that.  I’m beat and tired and have episodes of Bullshit and Dr. Who handy.  I’ll just watch those instead.  Sorry, FX, I tired to play by your rules, but you made it so damn obnoxious I gave up.  I’m going back on the road next week, and I’ll grab a few episodes from bittorent.  Don’t bitch about that – you brought it on yourselves.

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