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Pat Condell: What I Know about Islam »

Pat Condell is consistently terrific, and his latest is even better than usual.

Things Atheists Didn’t Do in 2009, Part 2 »

As promised, here’s the second half of the TADD list from 2009.  This are culled from the second half of last years leftover bookmarks.  They document all kinds of things things done by believers, from the horrific to the hilarious. A group of 35 clerics in Saudi Arabia has declared that no woman should ever […]

What Can Atheism Offer Me? »

Someone asked this question on Ask The Atheists.  This was my answer: A skeptical viewpoint that will make you much less susceptible to scams and rip-offs. You won’t be as likely to risk your health on alternative medicines, fall prey to con-men, swallow the latest pseudoscience scare, etc. Time. The religious waste an enormous amount […]

Islam and Free Speech »

I love this guy. After you’ve watched this video, check out the others in his series.

Happy Blasphemy Day »

Today is Blasphemy Day because, well, just because.  The religious have a plethora of holidays to choose from, so why shouldn’t atheists, apostates and blasphemers have their own day as well? The Capital Region Atheists & Agnostics meetup group will be celebrating, of course.  Our dinner table will be decorated with butter sculptures of Christopher […]

More Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

I’ve been collecting these for a while, and there’s so much nonsense and evil done in the name of religion I’m thinking of setting up a separate blog for it.  But until/unless I do, here’s a very incomplete list of things superstitious people have done in the name of their religion, from the silly to […]

An Atheist Christmas »

I deal with Christmas differently than most atheists. I celebrate it. I put up lights and a tree and give gifts and say “Merry Christmas” and mean it. I’ve played Santa Claus on several occasions, with the full costume, enjoyed it, and will probably do it again. Devout Christians rail against how secular the holiday […]