I Have Seen The Light

I just read an article that is so profound, so full of wisdom, so insightful, that it changed the way I look at the world. I’m going to have to alter my entire belief system and way of life, but I’m looking forward to that. Before continuing, please read this remarkable article: Nobel Prize to Deny God? Yep.

I’ve learned so much from this.

I learned that the Nobel Prize isn’t a real thing. Why else would they put it in quotes?

I’d always been under the mistaken impression that the motives for trying to better understand the universe were to improve our lives, and to satisfy simple human curiosity. I never suspected it the real motivation was to deny God. Good to know.

I discovered that the word “billion” is spelled with a “B,” and although ten billion dollars is a fraction of a percent of what godders spend erecting shrines to their various sky daddies, spending it to build a “Particle Collider” is a waste of money. And, considering the quote marks, I was surprised to learn the particle collider isn’t a real thing either.

I’ll admit that I have only a vague understanding of particle physics. I thought the Higgs was being sought to explain why some particles that shouldn’t have mass, do.  But this article taught me it is the particle from which all other particles sprung, via the process of spontaneous combustion.  I feel so much smarter now.

I learned that the press is Marxist. I knew the most of the mass media leans to the left, and some slant in that direction more than others, but Marxist? Wow, that’s a revelation.

I discovered that if we find water on Mars, that will prove humans lived there. So Ray Bradbury wasn’t an author of fiction, he was a historian. Sweet!

I was unaware that the primary purpose of space exploration is to deny the existence of god. I had foolishly believed that the question of God has never been part of space exploration, or any other scientific endeavor. Now I know I was mistaken.

So thank you, Christian Coalition, for Smartenizing me. I have been an atheist for most of my adult life, but your brilliant arguments and insights have changed my mind completely.

I am now off to dedicate my life to Jesus. Hallelujah!

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  1. The article was written by someone who died in 2003.

    Eur van Andel | Oct 13, 2013 | Reply

  2. They put it in quotes ,Dave, precisely because it is a “Real thing.”
    “The primary function of quotation marks is to set off and represent exact language (either spoken or written) that has come from somebody else.”
    I believe the “Setting off,” in the example you provide, is to differentiate it from any other prize, let’s say a popsicle for completing homework. In your case, the prize would be a reward of significant import.
    You put the capital B in quotes. Does that mean that capital B doesn’t exist ( I am building on your reasoning regarding the Nobel prize), that it is not a “Real thing?”
    Particle physics is not the only thing you have limited knowledge of! Actually, you and I are probably limited in similar degree in that regard but, are you suggesting the Higgs has mass? Or, are they just attempting to prove a hypothesis? Do we know if it does have mass or not? I guess that is worth the billions of dollars, I just don’t know?
    As far as water on Mars, it may be badly exercised sarcasm by your antagonists in this case, not unlike that which you are attempting.
    George Washington Carver, a remarkable man of science, whom you may be unfamiliar with had this to say about science, “I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in.”
    But I said he “said of science!” Don’t despair, here it is. “Carver believed in accepting truth wherever he found it, and he told his students that “Science is Truth, and all Truth is of God,” even paraphrasing a well-known Bible verse with the words “Ye shall know science and science shall make you free”
    “God is going to reveal to us things He never revealed before if we put our hands in His. No books ever go into my laboratory. The thing I am to do and the way of doing it are revealed to me. I never have to grope for methods. The method is revealed to me the moment I am inspired to create something new. Without God to draw aside the curtain I would be helpless.”
    ― George Washington Carver
    We are further informed ” Carver did not patent or profit from most of his products or his scientific discoveries, saying that “God gave them to me. How can I sell them to someone else?”
    This is the same Carver reported as saying, “My Prayers seem to be more of an attitude than anything else. I indulge in very little lip service, but ask the Great Creator silently daily, and often many times per day to permit me to speak to him through the three great Kingdoms of the world, which he has created, viz.– the Animal, Mineral, and Vegetable Kingdoms; their relations to each other, to us, our relations to them and the Great God who made all of us. I ask him daily and often momently to give me wisdom, understanding and bodily strength to do His will, hence I am asking and receiving all the time.”
    George also had other things to say and the following is one of them. “Unkindness to anything means an injustice to that thing. If I am unkind to you I do you an injustice, or wrong you in some way. On the other hand, if I try to assist you in every way that I can to make a better citizen and in every way to do my very best for you, I am kind to you. The above principles apply with equal force to the soil. The farmer whose soil produces less every year, is unkind to it in some way; that is, he is not doing by it what he should;
    he is robbing it of some substance it must have, and he becomes, therefore, a soil robber rather than a progressive farmer.”
    The epitaph on his grave on the Tuskegee University campus summarizes the life and character of this former slave, man of science, and man of God: “He could have added fortune to fame, but caring for neither, he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world.”
    I include the following for your consideration.
    The Bible speaks of soil, Dave. It needs to be broken up, tilled, watered, any number of things. I really don’t want to go into that so much. I would rather understand why you judge others as ignorant and unworthy of consideration because they express confidence, faith, and belief in God? I am not speaking of your associates in the Watch Tower. You don’t realize you are both of the same cloth and it involves a false pride and arrogance.
    Would you class George Washington Carver as an “Ignorant goat herder?”
    Billy Graham shall be having a program aired on the Fox channel Thursday, the eve of his 95th birthday, called “My Hope for America.” I believe it airs at 7:00. It may be on a different channel where you are. You can check your listings.
    Billy Graham is a fallible man as we all are. He may be criticized perhaps for any number of things but I didn’t bring him up for controversy. I bring him up because of the message of the Cross. Yep, that Cross. The one the WatchTower Society spent years of effort inculcating into your mind to reject. They were very effective, Dave, or as George Bush famously said, “Mission accomplished.” Is that true?
    That exists between you and God to be answered, and I assure you, He has not rejected you. Even as He loves George Washington Carver, a humble black man, the Billy Grahams of the world, and persons such as myself, He loves you, too!
    Understand, I am not meaning to offend you or cause you to be angry.
    There are 6 sides to a cube, only 3 which may be seen at any one time, if no other means is available to view them. They may only be seen by turning the cube to do so.
    There is an interesting paradox here, and I may share that with you later. You cannot just guess what the character of the other sides may be. If you desire to know, they must first be revealed.
    You understand the cube would have to exist before that may occur, and it must have had a creator.
    You recall, Dave, “For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God.”

    Gary Bovey | Nov 5, 2013 | Reply

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