PETA Has Found a New Way to be Disgusting.

A friend, who has one of the funniest blogs on the internet, sent me a link to a story about PETA that was too disgusting to even consider writing about. So I considered it. And he considered it. We wrote back and forth about how disgusting it was. It was like a contest between adolescent boys daring each other to eat some unidentifiable fuzzy green thing found in the back of the fridge.

He won. I think. You can find it here. NSFW.

Here’s on old story I did about them back in ’99, which is SFW.

Will they ever stop entertaining us with their stupidity?

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  1. “will be more than happy to pour Mountain Dew on my cornflakes every morning”

    hey, that’s soft core. Your not a real caffiene addict until it’s Code Red that replaces every liquid your body intakes from morning until night. And sleep is for the weak!

    I agree with others who said the idea of breast milk isn’t so nasty. Okay, it suddenly left me shuddering for a moment but really from a logical point of view it isn’t any worse then cow milk – only the way we’ve been raised to think. However, Peta is crazy of course for even thinking that replacing cow for human milk was feasible.

    Minimizing animal suffering is one thing. KFC does take it way too far – in addition to pushing smaller establishments, and honest farmers out of a profession. But we need to recognize that all living organism’s can’t survive by taking the lives of others. It’s unavoidable. We must outgrow the stage of believing that spiders are more evil then flies because one eats the other. Except in the case of horseflies; the one’s that take a big chunk of skin when they latch onto you… evil little bastards from hell…

    Sam | Jun 30, 2009 | Reply

  2. Oh lawd. As the girlfriend to a man who has previously expressed interest in drinking (my) breast milk, I suppose I’m not as horrified at this as I should be. Still, I don’t see how taking milk away from human babies is any better than taking milk away from calves.

    Besides, I imagine the taste would be nowhere near the same.


    blufindr | Aug 19, 2009 | Reply

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