Something You’ll Never Need

As an enthusiastic amateur chef I’m always looking for new food items and kitchen gadgets. Especially gadgets. Some gadgets are handy, some are just fun, and quite a few of them are useless.

Recently I found the most useless kitchen gadget ever. Dean & Deluca, purveyors of high priced and overpriced goods, is selling an Olive Oil Taster. It brings out the fullest flavor and aroma, you see, and holds one perfect taste. And it’s only $67. You can buy a lot of olive oil for that, especially the brands I buy.

What, you were going to taste it with a spoon? Heathen!

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  1. Spoon? What’s wrong with a finger. Just dunk it in the bottle and lick it off.

    Then do the next bottle. This will keep anyone else from using your olive oil.

    Rumpledforeskin | Sep 26, 2008 | Reply

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