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Why Terrorists Don’t Drive VWs »

Here’s a commercial you’ll never see on American TV.

Lot’s More Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

More of your favorite feature, folks. . . A Missouri High School band designed t-shirts that showed the evolution of man and the evolution of band instruments.  A few days after they were distributed the school received complaints from concerned parents, who were not atheists, who claimed the shirts violated the school’s mandate to stay […]

Even More Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

Yet another installment in what has become the most commented on feature of Quick Hitts – a list of things done in the name of religion, from the asinine to the atrocious. A new law in Afghanistan allows men to demand sex from their wives every four days, and to keep them indoors as long […]

Still More Things Atheists Didn’t Do »

This is another installment in our continuing series of  Things Atheists Didn’t Do. A pedophile priest, not an atheist, claimed he was only giving his victim anatomy lessons. Muslims in Pakistan stoned a Christian man to death.  His crime?  Drinking tea at a roadside stall that was designated for Muslims only. When a Christian church […]

Name that Stain »

What does this stain on a griddle look like to you?  It could be the famous praying hands painting.  Tilted sideways it could be the space shuttle.  Upside down, a jellyfish.  For the perverse, a butt plug.  But no, it’s the Virgin Mary.   Why?  Because it’s always either the Virgin Mary or Jesus.  If it […]

The Gathering Storm – Them Gays is Scary »

I’ve never liked the term whatever-phobe, which makes the usually spurious assumption that fear is the only reason to dislike something.  I’m not afraid of Islam; I hate it because it is a vile religion that sucks in every way possible.  I’m not an Islamophobe, I’m an Islamocontempter.  I’m  Islamodisgusted. Likewise, those who hate gays […]

The Catholic Church Still Loves Pedophiles »

A nine year old Brazilian girl who has been repeatedly raped by her stepfather since she was six was taken to the doctor with stomach pains.  Doctors discovered she was pregnant with twins.  Her mother arranged an abortion, probably knowing that giving birth to twins at her age could be fatal.  The Catholic Church demonstrated […]