The Catholic Church Still Loves Pedophiles

A nine year old Brazilian girl who has been repeatedly raped by her stepfather since she was six was taken to the doctor with stomach pains.  Doctors discovered she was pregnant with twins

Her mother arranged an abortion, probably knowing that giving birth to twins at her age could be fatal.  The Catholic Church demonstrated their compassion by excommunicating the mother and the doctor who performed the abortion.  

A senior spokesperson for the Vatican justified the excommunication, saying it was an unjustifiable attack on the Brazilian church. 

What about the unjustified attack on on the child?  She was nine, you sick fucks!  Your love for pedophilia makes any moral person want to puke in your pointy hats.  While you’re wearing them. You are just. Fucking.  Disgusting. 


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  1. You are right, the actions of the two main males in this story make me physically sick. It’s also nice to see you point out that religions besides Islam are still vile and contradictory.

    George Jefferies | Mar 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. Meh, sad as it may seem there is fuck all we can do about it. These serial rapists, murderers, thieves and pedophiles practically control the world. I don’t understand why anyone has even thought that the bible of all places could be an acceptable place to find moral guidance. If the bible was released today it would be restricted and only adults would be allowed to read it same, as all the other smut the Christian Right condemns.
    And now I leave you with a quote from our great suppository of knowledge and goodness: Ecclesiastes 6:3-5 (look it up)

    Sheep | Jun 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. The problem with this is not so much that the Church is condoning rape or paedophilia by proxy. More likely, the issue is the blatant misogyny involved here. If it had been the stepfather himself who had demanded the girl have an abortion, I highly doubt the Church would have said anything about it. As it stands, a patriarchal society is protecting its “assets” (read, others who either believe the same things, or can be brainwashed into believing the same things); assholes who think it acceptable to rape children, other assholes who find it okay to let said children bear more children, and the “innocent children” who would have killed their mother during delivery, if not beforehand.

    Then again, this is from the same society who believes a Jewish zombie respawned after 3 days (must have been epic lag) and saved us from the sin he originally condemned us to. On top of this, there’s the book authored by sheep-herders, and filled with obvious loopholes and paradoxical conclusions. Logic seems to be a weak point of theirs.

    blufindr | Jun 28, 2009 | Reply

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