Even More Things Atheists Didn’t Do

world-trade-centerYet another installment in what has become the most commented on feature of Quick Hitts – a list of things done in the name of religion, from the asinine to the atrocious.

A new law in Afghanistan allows men to demand sex from their wives every four days, and to keep them indoors as long as they like.

Combining Islam and Nicotine Nannies can be deadly.  A Malaysian couple asked relatives for help.  He wanted to quit smoking and she wanted a cure for asthma and a liver disease.  Their four loving relatives smashed the couple’s head on a table and beat them with helmets and brooms.  Until they were dead.  When their 15 year old daughter stumbled on to the carnage they beat her almost to death as well.

In Pakistan Taliban militants are preventing the UN from administering the Polio vaccine to 300,000 children.  At last, someone the anti-vaxers can have a beer with.  Oh, wait. . .

Kentucky passed a law requiring all Homeland Security operations credit God with protecting them.  The law lists the office’s initial duty as “stressing the dependence on Almighty God as being vital to the security of the Commonwealth.”  They’re also required to install a plaque that states  “The safety and security of the Commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon Almighty God.”

Turkey has banned Richard Dawkins’ website. Their “science” institute also banned a magazine cover story on Darwin.

In Papua New Guinea a woman was tied to a log and set on fire because she was a witch. She probably turned someone into a newt.

In Boulder Colorado Derik Bonestroo fired a gun into the ceiling of his workplace and told everyone if they weren’t a christian they were going to die.  He asked Brian Mahon if he were Christian.  Brian said he was catholic.  That was the wrong kind of christian, evidently, because Bonestroo shot him in the head.

The Rev. Joseph Illo, pastor of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Modesto, California, sent out 15,000 letters to the members of his parish telling them if they voted for Obama they’d have to go to confession before receiving communion.

Pastor Rick Warren, who delivered Obama’s Inaugural Invocation, tells his parishioners that physical abuse is no excuse for divorce.

Headline: Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them.  Seems like a reasonable request.

In Saudi Arabia a 75 year old woman was caught with two men in her house.  One was a 24 year old man she had wet-nursed, so she considered him a son.  The other was delivering bread.  In accordance with the loving, peaceful religion of Islam she was sentenced to 100 lashes, four months in jail, and deportation.

Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar rented a Jeep Cherokee and ran over students at an NC university.   He did it to avenge the death of Muslims world wide.  Evidently he missed Mosque the day they gave “how to run over people” lessons, because all his victims survived.  Because of his failure when he dies he’s only going to get the really ugly virgins.

In Pakistan Muslims opened fire on people who had gathered in a Christian church.

Now that Turkey has made honor killings illegal, Muslim women are being encouraged to commit suicide.  One girl reported her father requested she kill herself for the horrible sin of refusing an arranged marriage.

Roman Catholics are whining because they were offended by the time a Detroit Tigers game started.

In the Middle East the pope urged greater respect for woman.  Evidently the part of his brain that detects irony is malfunctioning.

Ayman Udas, a newly married woman who had the audacity to sing on television, was murdered by her Muslim brothers for the crime.

At Queen Mary University in London Muslim students have been physically preventing Hindu students from using a multi-faith center on campus.

A Saudi woman is demanding a divorce because her husband, after 30 years of marriage, peeked under her veil while she was sleeping.


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  1. @Dana – “…considering that the Christians tortured and murder Jews … up until the second world war . . . well, is spitting that bad in light of what happened to the Jews from Christian hatred?”

    As a matter of fact, yes, it is. Are the xians that the jews are spitting on the ones that murdered their family? Are the jews that are spitting ones that actually lost current family members? That kind of mentality is was causes wars out of nothing. It’s like black people spitting on white people because 150 years ago some white people owned slaves. It’s moronic, irrational, self-centered, racist (in most cases), emotional thinking and it is what is wrong with most of the world today. So they use spit instead of bullets, so the bigotry isn’t as bad as it *could* be, but it’s still bigotry based on moronic delusional superstitions.

    Keith | Aug 30, 2012 | Reply

  2. @Benny – “..gun to my head: I’m and Catholic, a Jew, a Christian, Muslims, whatever. Atheism is about logic…”

    You got that right. Until he turns his points the gun away and then it’s all about Marine Corp training. :D

    Keith | Aug 30, 2012 | Reply

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