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A Common Sense Canduhdate »

I wish I lived in Tennessee so I could vote for this guy. Who wouldn’t want a guv’neer who wants to get back to the original, three striped ‘merician flag, who will put murdered people in jail and who believes “can’t find innocent car, ya can’t look.” If we put this guy in office consequences […]

At Last, Homeopathy Clearly Explained »

When dealing with a True Believer in nonsense like homeopathy, you can take the time to carefully point out why what they believe in is impossible.  You can refer to chemistry and physics and just plain old common sense.  You can do this for hours, and then days, almost always to no avail. So you […]

Why Bother Landscaping »

That’s not a question; I think it would be a good business name for whoever does the grounds keeping for the Odd Lots Store in Utica, NY .  This is the divider in front of the store: And this is the same curb, taken from the other side, so you can see that the theme […]

Geek Test »

If you get this joke in three seconds or less you are a Geek. If you get this joke in three seconds or less you are an Ãœber Geek. If you looked at the “Ãœ” character and thought “I know the alt/numpad combination to generate that without looking up an ASCII chart” you are a […]

Four Chord Pop Music »

Four Chord Pop Music Let me tell ya, Sonny, when I was a boy, we only needed three chords for all our rock and roll songs. We could play every song with those same three chords.  But that’s not good enough for you.  You use got to use the same four cords for everything. Pfft. […]

So A Gorilla Goes to a Fire. . . »

This may be the best news photo and caption ever published: Yes, it’s real. If I’d been in the neighborhood I’d have immediately bought the guy in the gorilla suit a beer.  I’ve always appreciated people who go out of their way to make things a bit more surreal.

Inspiring Badges »

As you probably know by now the Texas school board has revised their educational guidelines so severely they’re going to have to put “educational” in quotation marks.  Phil Plait made fun of them, then, on Facebook, reacted to people whining about it. In the ensuing conversation I made a comment about the Moron Badge of […]