Inspiring Badges

As you probably know by now the Texas school board has revised their educational guidelines so severely they’re going to have to put “educational” in quotation marks.  Phil Plait made fun of them, then, on Facebook, reacted to people whining about it.

In the ensuing conversation I made a comment about the Moron Badge of Honor, which inspired Glenn Sogge, who I hadn’t met before, to create and post this:

I suggested he might like this article, and he responded with this:

All this goofing around with seals reminds me of this oldie but goodie, which remains a perfect response to the idiots who are still whining about the last Bush election:

Glenn made his badges at this site, which has been around for quite a while (in internet terms, at least).   It lets you make badges, church signs, and a plethora of other things that feature your words on their images.

Sometimes, you really do need some steenking badges.


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