No Lesbians At The Prom, Please

Note to non-US readers:  Knowing a few facts about the state of Mississippi will make the following story more understandable.

The sole purpose of Mississippi is to keep Alabama off the bottom of every quality of life list.  Whenever you see a chart of US states comparing unwed births, high school dropouts or average number of teeth per citizen you’ll see why Alabama’s state motto is “Thank God For Mississippi.”

Is This The Face of Evil?

Constance McMillen attends high school in Mississippi’s Itawamba county.  She’s also a lesbian who wants to wear a tuxedo and take her girlfriend to the prom.  The school district responded, not simply by refusing to let her attend, but by canceling the prom.  They don’t even have the guts to admit their reason, saying it was canceled “due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events.”

One board member reflected the board’s “thought” process when he said, “We have to protect the childreeeeeeen.  Seeing a cute lesbian in a tux will make all the other girls turn queer.  The only way to prevent a flood of lesbians is to stick our finger in the dike.”  This quote could not be confirmed and may have been made up by me.

Quick question for all the guys reading this: If you were back in high school and had to choose between attending a prom full of pimply heterosexuals trying to look cool, or a prom full of pimply heterosexuals trying to look cool and several hot lesbians in tuxes, which would you pick?

Me too.  I’ll meet you in the long line.

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