At Last, Homeopathy Clearly Explained

When dealing with a True Believer in nonsense like homeopathy, you can take the time to carefully point out why what they believe in is impossible.  You can refer to chemistry and physics and just plain old common sense.  You can do this for hours, and then days, almost always to no avail.

So you might as well just make fun of their stupidity.

The first two people in this clip are for real.

Kudos go to the mashup artist for including clips from the Retro Encabulator:

The Retro Encabulator is, as you all know, an improvement on the Turbo Encabulator:

This is more of the same, but there’s fresh material at the 1:50 mark, explaining how to repair it, or at least generate high bills from your customer.

You’ll find many more variations if you search Turbo Encabulator or Retro Encabulator on YouTube.  But it’s older than that – this joke goes back to 1962, when someone inserted a joke data sheet for it into a GE Handbook, complete with a diagram to accompany the description.  But it’s older than that – it was reportedly spotted in the “Institution of Electrical Engineers, Students Quarterly Journal” in 1955.  But it’s older than that – it was originally published in Time magazine in 1946.

Wait, what were we talking about?

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  1. Watching that video makes me feel all stabby.

    For the love of Zeus, it is Stephen HAWKING no S on the end. If you are going to misrepresent the guy, at least pronounce the name correctly.

    And a much larger point.. from what I’ve read, Stephen Hawking is not a String Theorist. There are numerous scientists who she could have used instead, I would have probably used Witten myself, since he was the main scientist behind M Theory. But no one who would be in her audience would have ever heard of Witten. Hell, she could have used the idiot from “What the Bleep” and would at least not be misrepresenting the work of a real scientist.

    And apparently you break down Cells into protons, neutrons, and electrons.. I would have expected a few more steps like, organelles, molecules, and atoms first.

    And those particles are apparently “energy” and not, you know, PARTICLES.

    I would make fun of the other guy, but the gibberish he is spewing is too incomprehensible to find something to make fun of. He might as well be speaking in tongues.

    John | Jul 6, 2010 | Reply

  2. You may like this, Irish comic Dara O’Briain talking about Homeopathy

    M Al | Sep 12, 2010 | Reply

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