It Has Nothing To Do With Race or Misogyny, You Wingnut

Wokeness started infesting America about the time Hillary ascended to power. Every time anyone criticized any of her actions or policies the standard Woke reply was, “So you don’t like strong women?” No, I love strong women, but I despise corruption and dishonesty, regardless of the sex of who is practicing it.

When Obama took office, any criticism of him was guaranteed to generate the automaton response of “That’s racist.” Someone’s analyses of him could be detailed, nuanced, and factual, and most lefties would ignore all of that to chant “Racist! Racist! Racist!”

Now we get a double whammy with Kamala Harris, who is both dark-skinned and has a vagina. The left regards any criticism of her as both racist and sexist.

This post will serve as my standard reply to their nonsense. I’m certain that if they read it, it will overload their brain cell and they’ll go back to chanting. I’m not writing it for them, I’m writing it to save myself the bother of replying to each of them.

I usually consider other people’s sex lives their own business. As long as everyone involved are consenting adults I honestly don’t care what they do. There are a couple of exceptions, though, and sleeping your way into taxpayer-funded jobs is one of them.

Kamala gave her career a huge boost by dating mayor Willie Brown. He was married and literally twice her age. He gave her her first high-profile, high-paying political job on the Insurance Appeals Board. He followed that up with an appointment to the California Medical Assistance Commission. That was a jumping-off point for the rest of her political career.

If that’s all she’d done, and then went on to an impressive political career full of fairness and compassion, we could shrug it off. But she didn’t. She worked her way up to District Attorney, and then to being a Senator. Her senatorial record is bad; her DA record is appalling.

In 2011 the Supreme Court ruled the overcrowding in California prisons was bad enough to be considered cruel and unusual punishment. Three years later another federal court ordered the state to alleviate the problem by releasing some non-violent offenders who had served half of their sentences. Kamala’s office fought their release, stating “Extending 2-for-1 credits to all minimum custody inmates at this time would severely impact fire camp participation—a dangerous outcome while California is in the middle of a difficult fire season and severe drought.” She demanded they be kept locked up as a source of cheap ($2/day) labor. Does the pittance they were paid mean we can’t call it slavery?

She pushed for a local law, and then a state-wide law, that jailed parents if their kids were truant. When asked about the people she helped put in jail she laughed and said it was “an unintended consequence.”

She supported Asset Forfeiture – the process of the government stealing money and property without charging anyone with a crime. She has opposed reform of the process and supported its expansion.

When she was elected DA she inherited a room full of files and information the previous AG had compiled on children who had been abused, molested and raped by Catholic priests. She ignored the data, she ignored the victims, and despite the mountains of evidence at her fingertips never prosecuted a single member of the clergy during her time in office. She did, however, make many public appearances where she bragged about standing up for abused children.

She was proud of putting over 1,500 people (many of them African-American) in prison for minor pot possession charges. When asked if she smoked pot, she laughed it off and refused to answer the question.

If a straight white male had done even half of these things, the left would be outraged with him. But point out any of them to the Woke, and they will immediately, without hesitation, start screaming “You’re A Sexist Racist Misogynist and an INCEL too!”

That response is designed to immediately shut down any possibility of meaningful conversations, and it does that perfectly. Her critics despise her for solid, valid reasons, none of which have anything to do with her sex or her race. If, instead of addressing an issue, you scream “Racist! Sexist!” try growing the fuck up and stop being such a worthless wingnut.

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