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Could You Run This Business? »

Imagine that you had a business with the following business model: The business has been in existence for over 200 years. Your logo and brand name is instantly recognized by approximately 100% of the people in the United States. You have a customer base of over a quarter of a billion people.  Nearly all of […]

Drop that Salt Shaker and Put Your Hands In The Air »

The New York Legislature is considering a bill that would make it a criminal offense for restaurant chefs to add salt to food. Yes, you read that right.  Once again, the absurdity of real life makes satire obsolete. This is exactly what happens when you let the nanny camel get its nose in the tent. […]

Totally Safe Airlines »

The latest terrorist attempt to bring down a plane proves, beyond any doubt, that the TSA’s security theater is useless.  This guy was already on their watch list but that didn’t even slow him down.  (The watch list has, however, caused a lot of perfectly innocent people, including infants, from getting on a plane, because […]

Gimmie Some Money »

The Copenhagen summit on global cooling global warming climate change is barely started, and already impoverished nations are demanding handouts. Environment Minister Hasan Mahmud of Bangladesh says his country is entitled to a cubic buttload of money from the big nasty countries who arrogantly built successful societies while his government kept their citizens living in […]

Consumer Reports – Still Clueless After All These Years »

My disdain for Consumer Reports started in the late 70’s, when I was an audio salesman.  They frequently gave lousy products a “Best Buy” rating. Back then audio was getting better on an almost daily basis.  All receivers and amplifiers had Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) down to a fraction of a percent.  It was amusing […]

The Eighteen Million Dollar Web Site. »

This morning someone had one of those talking heads infotainment morning “news” shows on in another room, and I was half listening to a story about the stimulus bill.  Millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent on roadside signs telling us that millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on road work.  Toward the end of […]

Pointless Invention »

If you’re attacked in the UK and defend yourself with a gun you will spend more time in jail than your attacker.  As a result both criminals and decent people are arming themselves with the next best thing – knives. Britain is even more of a nanny state than the US, so it’s not surprising […]