Pointless Invention

If you’re attacked in the UK and defend yourself with a gun you will spend more time in jail than your attacker.  As a result both criminals and decent people are arming themselves with the next best thing – knives.

not-stabbyBritain is even more of a nanny state than the US, so it’s not surprising that for the past couple of years doctors have been whining about knives being pointy and citizens getting all stabby with them. A couple of years ago they when they suggested making pointy knives illegal, but  no one took them seriously.  But now anti-stab knives have been invented.  (Click the photo for a better look.) They have a tiny, nearly useless  point on the end, under a blunt stubby section designed to snag on clothing if someone tries to stab a bad guy with it.

I’ve worked in a restaurant, and chiefs are serious about their knives.  They’ll spend hundreds of dollars for one or two knives, and take with them when they leave work so no one else can use them.  They keep them extremely sharp, and they are all pointy.

Considering how nanny the UK has become I’m guessing that in a couple of years pointy knives will be banned in professional kitchens, and then made illegal in the home as well.  You think English food sucks now?  Just wait.


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  1. “Nanny state” LOL Good phrase, I love it.

    Restricting knives is a good idea, but they ignore an even greater danger that has been going on far longer. I refer to that hideously vicious weapon, the rock. Here are just a few facts about them.

    Rocks have killed a greater proportion of the human race than guns, bombs or knives. In fact, bombs have been used to cause rocks to be violently distributed in a killing wave of mass destruction.

    From even pre-historic days, rocks have been used as killing machines. Even the Koran and the Bible contain accounts and advice to “stone people”, often to death. So the evil history of Rocks is well-documented.

    Rocks can be obtained by anyone, even children, at no significant cost and are totally unregulated, much less registered or restricted. For far to many children, a rock is their first introduction to violent behavior. Who has not seen children practicing their accuracy with rocks by throwing them at targets or even into waterways?

    Because children start so early with these dangerous rocks, it can be surmised that they are also a gateway device to even more destructive devices and behavior.

    Modern man, not content with natural means of murder, has created artificial rocks and attempted to disguise their true nature by calling them “concrete” and “bricks” but numerous accounts with pictures and even video show people using these seemingly innocuous objects as they were truly intended, smashing and killing.

    We and our children can never be safe and truly civilized until every rock is registered and rendered harmless by reducing them to sizes no larger than 10 grams. Even then, they may be a hazard to eyes, so everyone should be provided with protective goggles that are to be worn at all times.

    James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil | Feb 14, 2010 | Reply

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