Money for Nothin’

The teacher’s union is one of the biggest reasons US education sucks. They’ve made it  impossible to give a teacher a raise for being good at their job.  And it’s even more impossible to get rid of the bad ones.

In New York City over 700 teachers receive full pay ($70,000/year) for not teaching.  They’re all waiting for hearings about their misconduct, but have been removed from the classroom.  They report to “rubber rooms” where they do anything they like, burning through eight hours and our tax money, for months and sometimes years.  Of course, they still get the vacations and holidays working teachers get.  They cost taxpayers sixty five million dollars a year.

Things are slightly better in LA, where only 178 teachers are paid to do nothing.

Why? Because it’s getting rid of a rotten teacher is harder than throwing away a boomerang.  Take a look at the procedure.

Is it any wonder we encounter so many stupid people every day?


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  1. Yeah, but did you see why they were there??

    “…using abusive language when a girl cut her with scissors.” If a girl cut me with scissors, I think “abusive language” might be in my immediate future.

    “…supposedly for pushing a boy while I was breaking up a fight.” Pretty hard to break up a fight without pushing kids away from each other.

    I think we should start by killing all the lawyers.

    Johnny V | Jul 7, 2009 | Reply

  2. Lawyers make good lamp post ornaments.

    proud kuffar | Jul 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. I’ve said for a long time that education is far too important to leave the administration of it to professional educators. Instead, we need people with the common sense that comes from living in the real world instead of spending their entire lives in academia.

    As important as qualified teachers are, far too many of them, especially when they move into positions of authority, think that college and the educational system is simply a subset of reality.

    Teacher’s unions are doing what their members want. That is, to protect their privileged positions, no matter what the grievance. Not that there are not dedicated, highly qualified teachers at every level. But there are also slugs and those that are RIP (retired in place) that should be removed to make room for the other kind.

    James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil | Feb 14, 2010 | Reply

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