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The Gathering Storm – Them Gays is Scary »

I’ve never liked the term whatever-phobe, which makes the usually spurious assumption that fear is the only reason to dislike something.  I’m not afraid of Islam; I hate it because it is a vile religion that sucks in every way possible.  I’m not an Islamophobe, I’m an Islamocontempter.  I’m  Islamodisgusted. Likewise, those who hate gays […]


Poker – Dealing With Bad Beats »

I was having a horrible month of bad beats at the sit-n-gos.  I play $2 and occasionally $5 SnGs (yes, I’m that good) but wasn’t even breaking even on them.  It was bad beat after bad beat.  Kings beat by sixes.  Kings beat by an A7 offsuit – not by the ace, but by their […]


Happy Easter »

What does a rabbit or an egg have to do with Jesus?  I’d learned that they were hangovers from pagan fertility rites that were incorporated into Christianity to help make it easier for those filthy heathens to convert.  But recently I discovered the real story behind these Easter icons. Happy Easter!


StartLogic Still Sucking . . . Money Out of Ex-Customers Wallets »

I just got an e-mail from SiteUpTime which listed a monthly summary of all the times my site has been down in the last month.  The list was blank.  When StartLogic was my host I used to get at least one notice, and often two or three, every day. A recent comment to this post […]