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This All Makes Perfect Sense, Right? »

I had some good friends visiting, a couple I truly loved.  I told them, “You can eat anything in the house, anything at all, except the apples in the fridge.”  Then I left them alone for a while. I came back to find they’d eaten the apples, and were hiding from me in my wife’s […]


How Mozy Lost a Customer »

Despite the problems I’d had with Mozy, I kept using them because I was lazy and never got around to switching to a better service.  They were taking their monthly payment out of Paypal, but when that account got depleted they notified me I needed to give them a different card to continue using their […]


Shooting The Bastards »

The massacre in Arizona is the fault of Fox News, Bill O’Riely, Glen Beck and Sara Palin according to every lefty on Facebook and various prominent idiots.  Hey, here’s a thought – why not blame it on the ONLY person responsible – the whack job who did it. Naw, too easy.  We must blame politicians […]