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Remembering Ronald Reagan »

A new Quick Hitts podcast, Remembering Ronald Reagan, is available. The left are completely wrong about his role in ending the cold war.  On the flip side, the right is also wrong about it.  You can get smartenized on the subject, as well as understand the historical context for the hero worship, in a mere 15 minutes. http://www.davehitt.com/podcasts/ Feel free to […]


Nothing Like a Real Fireplace »

I’m now working as a pitchman, doing shows at Sam’s Clubs and BJs Clubs, demonstrating and selling this.   (Warning: the web site automatically starts playing sound.  Not my design, folks.) There’s downtime between shows which I often spend wandering around the store. It’s cold here in the Northeast, so one of the more popular items […]


Saying Goodbye to Publish America »

You’ll appreciate this post more if you read this first. Publish America is a vanity publisher who takes their scam one step further than most by saddeling authors with outrageous contracts.  The contracts have varied a bit over time, but often contain a clause that requires authors to buy a butt-load of their own books […]