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Don’t Stand So Close To Me »

When some of your ideas and opinions are out of the mainstream one of the biggest impediments to presenting them can be people who are on your side. For instance, you’re Smartenizing someone on the issue of Second Hand Smoke. You’re talking to an otherwise intelligent person who has succumbed to the endless hype and […]

Hank Fox, Don’t Let Obama Fool You »

Hank Fox, The Blue Collar Atheist, took offence to my reference to Obama as LMO – Lord Messiah Obama. He crafted this blog post about it. Please read it before continuing with this article, which is my response. LMO is not really a reference to Obama; it refers to his more rabid followers, people who […]

The Ice Cream Suite Rag »

Time for a break from the heavy stuff:  Here’s something to brighten your day. I stumbled on this while checking out the videos of Linda Dachtyl.  As of this post it has less than 500 views, which is a shame. It’s great fun music, but what really makes this version shine is the attitude of […]

Constitutional Subversion »

So the Supremes have ruled that Big Brother can force us to buy things. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with that new power? And in forums and other discussion areas, when we point out that there is nothing in the constitution that allows that, the responses from the Big Brother fanboys would be amusing […]

Reverse Disfellowshipping »

Note: This is a longish post written for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses.  It probably won’t interest anyone else.  There are three phases to escaping Jehovah’s Witnesses. The first happens while you’re still in the cult but having doubts, doubts that are accompanied by the fear of what will happen if you leave and are suddenly cut off […]

Bad Cop, No Donut »

Despite earning world-wide scorn for his plan to outlaw large sodas in New York City, little mayor Bloomberg evidently plans on going through with it. (P. J. O’Rourke said he wants to outlaw any drink that’s taller than he is.) And although thinking people are appalled, there are plenty of slobbering sycophants cheering him on. The […]

Beware of Sparlock »

It usually requires some time and research to determine the crazy/evil level of any particular cult, and most people don’t care enough to put in the effort. Fortunately, Jehovah’s Witnesses just made it a lot easier to assess their crazy/evil level with the release of two cheesy videos designed to indoctrinate their children. They both […]