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Liberals, The Recent Anti-Gay Laws Are Your Fault »

Everyone on the left is appalled at states passing anti-gay legislation. And you’re right, it is appalling and evil. And it is entirely your fault. When a very few bakers and photographers said they wouldn’t service a gay wedding, you could have responded without force. You could have spread bad publicity and organized a boycott. You’d […]


Justice Theater »

To outward appearances, the US has one justice system that serves everyone. But if you pay close attention, you’ll see that it’s a two-tier system which operates differently depending on who is being processed through it. Tier 1 is reserved for police officers. (Politicians and the very wealthy may also receive Tier 1 treatment, although […]


Blurry Lines »

Immature artists copy. Mature artists steal – Variously Ascribed The verdict on the Blurred Lines lawsuit is ridiculous. The style of both songs is similar, but you can’t copyright style. The bass lines are similar, but not the same. The melody is entirely different. The lyrics are different. This isn’t one artist going after another […]