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Blood Witness is Finished! »

Blood Witness is finished! I just released the final episode. Man, this was an intensive project. Each episode took about five hours of work: An hour to record, 3-4 hours to edit, 15 minutes of post processing, 20-30 minutes of mixing, and another half hour to tag the MP3 files, upload them, update the XML […]

Blood Witness Interview »

I just did an interview about Blood Witness on the Not About Religion blog.  Check it out. 

The Rise and Fall of the Podcast Peer Awards »

In 2006 there was only one podcast award.  It allowed anyone to vote on their favorite shows, once a day, for a month.  This guaranteed only the most popular shows with the biggest audiences could win.  I wanted an award with a different model, one that would give excellent but obscure shows a realistic chance […]

Missing the Obvious »

A few days ago I went in for a medical examination, where the doctor boldly goes where no one has gone before.   Prepping consisted of stripping down to nothing but a flimsy hospital gown, lying under a flimsy blanket and getting an IV. The nurse bringing me from the prep room to the examination room […]

Making Coffee With A Hammer -or- The Quest For Power »

(This post, with just a bit more embellishment, is now available as a podcast.) Thursday night an ice storm hit the Northeast. Power flicked off and on a bit, but didn’t go off, and we went to bed. Friday morning, about 5:30, we were awakened by a squeal from the cellar. All the power was […]