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Keep The Bird »

I like PBS. I watched Cosmos as a youngster and it filled me with wonder and helped fuel my love of science. I thought Julia Child was a hoot, and she helped inspire my love of cooking. Sesame Street wasn’t around when I was a kid, but my kids loved it and I enjoyed watching […]

Don’t Stand So Close To Me »

When some of your ideas and opinions are out of the mainstream one of the biggest impediments to presenting them can be people who are on your side. For instance, you’re Smartenizing someone on the issue of Second Hand Smoke. You’re talking to an otherwise intelligent person who has succumbed to the endless hype and […]

Hank Fox, Don’t Let Obama Fool You »

Hank Fox, The Blue Collar Atheist, took offence to my reference to Obama as LMO – Lord Messiah Obama. He crafted this blog post about it. Please read it before continuing with this article, which is my response. LMO is not really a reference to Obama; it refers to his more rabid followers, people who […]

Constitutional Subversion »

So the Supremes have ruled that Big Brother can force us to buy things. Gee, what could possibly go wrong with that new power? And in forums and other discussion areas, when we point out that there is nothing in the constitution that allows that, the responses from the Big Brother fanboys would be amusing […]

Bad Cop, No Donut »

Despite earning world-wide scorn for his plan to outlaw large sodas in New York City, little mayor Bloomberg evidently plans on going through with it. (P. J. O’Rourke said he wants to outlaw any drink that’s taller than he is.) And although thinking people are appalled, there are plenty of slobbering sycophants cheering him on. The […]

Wasted Votes »

We’re going to take a vote on what we’ll have for dinner. Your first choice is a giant, steaming plate of dog turds. Your second choice is a different giant steaming plate of dog turds. As Americans, you are encouraged to debate before voting. You can point out that one stack leans a bit more […]

Manufacturing Controversy »

Yesterday the local newspaper, The Times Union, printed my letter to the editor. They subjected it to some slightly clumsy editing. They mucked up a couple sentences, added a pair of spurious quotation marks and changed my signature “for the childreeeeeeeen” phrase to the less interesting “for the children.” But they didn’t alter the essence […]