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Four Chord Pop Music »

Four Chord Pop Music Let me tell ya, Sonny, when I was a boy, we only needed three chords for all our rock and roll songs. We could play every song with those same three chords.  But that’s not good enough for you.  You use got to use the same four cords for everything. Pfft. […]

Living in The Past »

The only thing more annoying than listening to old people bitch about how the past was so much better is catching yourself doing the same thing.  “Today’s music sucks and they don’t make movies like they used to and people are so much nastier now and kids dress like slobs and waaaaaa…. There are quite […]

7th Son Released Next Tuesday »

It starts with an eight year old assassinating the president of the United States.  Then 7 men are kidnapped from various places in the country and brought to a secret underground facility.  They discover they all have the same name, and the same face. Then it gets weird. J. C. Hutchen’s 7th Son was the […]

Developers: How to Make Your Games Suck Less »

I’ve never paid full price for a computer game.  I’m one of the guys who waits until a game has been out for a while and is available for half price or less. Still, I’m one of your customers who buys instead of bootlegs, and I have several suggestions for removing some of the suck […]

Jem Moore on YouTube »

Just for fun let’s take a brief break from snarky rants. Jem Moore is the best hammered dulcimer player in the US, which is about a profitable as you might imagine.  (He makes his living as a pilot.)   If you search his name on You Tube you’ll find lots of people playing his compositions – […]

Enough Already »

Two days later and we’re still be bombarded by stories about Michael Jackson.  I grew up listening to the Jackson 5, loved Off the Wall and Thriller, but enough already.  Jackson was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, and was still one when he did the Thriller video, which is why he prefaced it with the disclaimer:  […]

Blood Witness is Finished! »

Blood Witness is finished! I just released the final episode. Man, this was an intensive project. Each episode took about five hours of work: An hour to record, 3-4 hours to edit, 15 minutes of post processing, 20-30 minutes of mixing, and another half hour to tag the MP3 files, upload them, update the XML […]