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The Bailout – Let’s Fire the Bastards »

The left and the right disagree on most issues. Usually, one side is right and the other is wrong. Quiet often, both sides are wrong. There have been rare instances where both sides agreed, but on side reached the right conclusions for the wrong reasons. But in my forty years as a political junky, this […]


QH – Podcast – The Meltdown »

The latest Quick Hitts Podcast expalins the real cause of the meltdown, which has been overlooked by most of the mass media. Use this post to comment on the show.


PETA Has Found a New Way to be Disgusting. »

A friend, who has one of the funniest blogs on the internet, sent me a link to a story about PETA that was too disgusting to even consider writing about. So I considered it. And he considered it. We wrote back and forth about how disgusting it was. It was like a contest between adolescent […]