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Why Terrorists Don’t Drive VWs »

Here’s a commercial you’ll never see on American TV.


Spinning the Hacked Global Warming E-Mail »

Spin is always entertaining, especially when it’s obvious and poorly done. A couple of years ago it was revealed that Al Gore, the poster child for the Global Warming Will Kill Us All movement, used thirty times more electricity at one of his three mansions than any of his neighbors.  The apologists spin was pathetic.  […]


What Can Atheism Offer Me? »

Someone asked this question on Ask The Atheists.  This was my answer: A skeptical viewpoint that will make you much less susceptible to scams and rip-offs. You won’t be as likely to risk your health on alternative medicines, fall prey to con-men, swallow the latest pseudoscience scare, etc. Time. The religious waste an enormous amount […]


Pfizer’s Phinal Phlip-Off »

Pfizer is abandoning the New London, CT site where their greed led to abolishing property rights for every single American. The city of New London sold 24 acres of land to Pfizer for ten bucks, but Pfizer didn’t want to have to look at the older houses that dotted the waterfront.  They claimed they wanted […]


Public Perceptions of Media Bias – WTF? »

The Pew Research Center just released a survey about the public perception of media bias.  Before reading the rest of this article, check out the results and rate your own reaction.  How many times did you say “What The Fuck?” First we have to ask if the survey itself is biased.  If it had been […]