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A Common Sense Canduhdate »

I wish I lived in Tennessee so I could vote for this guy. Who wouldn’t want a guv’neer who wants to get back to the original, three striped ‘merician flag, who will put murdered people in jail and who believes “can’t find innocent car, ya can’t look.” If we put this guy in office consequences […]


The Underground Economy »

For decades business have been required to inform the IRS if they paid any non-employee more than $600 a year. That’s about to get much more complicated and difficult due to a new clause in the Obamacare bill. Now business will be required to send 1099s to every business they’ve paid more than $600. This […]


The Best Argument Against Intelligent Design »

It’s extremely annoying that time and resources have to be wasted, over and over again, keeping IDiots thinly veiled creationism out of public schools. You can spend forever explaining how evolution happened and why it may look like things were designed and blah blah blah, but it’s like trying to teach long division to a […]


At Last, Homeopathy Clearly Explained »

When dealing with a True Believer in nonsense like homeopathy, you can take the time to carefully point out why what they believe in is impossible.  You can refer to chemistry and physics and just plain old common sense.  You can do this for hours, and then days, almost always to no avail. So you […]