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Funky Fundy Facts »

This article takes the time to carefully debunk these claims by a fundy anti-choice group. I saw it when some skeptic friends posted it on some social network sites.  They were upeset at the nonsense the fundies were spewing. I look at it a quite differently. This kind of hyperbole is a powerfully good thing. Think about the […]


Kill The Messenger »

After Standard & Poor downgraded the credit rating of the US, the government announced they were investigating S&P for “improper ratings.” What a punk-ass move. They claim the investigation started before the downgrade. I’m guessing that several months ago, somewhere in the bowels of the government, a conversation took place between a few government weasels. […]


Avoiding Cliches »

It’s easier to learn from bad writing than from good writing. Good writers integrate the techniques of their craft so smoothly it’s often difficult to figure out exactly what they’ve done. It’s like enjoying a great dish prepared by a master chef – you know it’s delicious, but can’t quite figure out the ingredients or […]