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Net Neutrality. Pfft. »

So now the FCC is in charge of the internet, and Big Brother’s lovers are cheering.  “Big Brother has saved us from a mortal danger that we have been imagining might happen someday!” The generic argument against government regulation should be the default position for anyone even remotely interested in liberty. Laws (and regulations are […]

TSA Naked Day »

Since it was formed The Theatrical Security Agency has been trying to figure out just how much crap Americans will tolerate before they say “screw it, I’m driving.”  They have heaped inconvenience upon stupidity upon insult upon indignantly, and still we keep flying.  But they may have finally achieved their goal with their full body […]

The Underground Economy »

For decades business have been required to inform the IRS if they paid any non-employee more than $600 a year. That’s about to get much more complicated and difficult due to a new clause in the Obamacare bill. Now business will be required to send 1099s to every business they’ve paid more than $600. This […]

San Francisco Pays an $80 Million Stupidity Tax »

The Left Coast has always been a hotbed of woo, junk science and nanny alarmism.  I have power tools labeled “WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.”  Damn, and I’d been planning on French kissing my router.  There goes my Saturday […]

Remember Richard Jewell? »

In 1996 Richard Jewel discovered a pipe bomb at the Atlanta Olympics.  He helped clear the area, and was considered a hero until the FBI decided he was a suspect.  After leaking their suspicions to the media they raided his home and took just about everything that wasn’t locked down, including his mom’s Tupperware bowls. […]

Just Say No to Walnuts »

It’s easy to feel superior reading stories of our ancestors buying worthless potions from snake oil salesmen.  But a stroll though the aisles of any warehouse style store proves that nothing much has changed.  Every other end cap features a small TV making a pitch for some magic pill or potion that’s long on hype […]

Drop that Salt Shaker and Put Your Hands In The Air »

The New York Legislature is considering a bill that would make it a criminal offense for restaurant chefs to add salt to food. Yes, you read that right.  Once again, the absurdity of real life makes satire obsolete. This is exactly what happens when you let the nanny camel get its nose in the tent. […]