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Is Big Pharma Hiding the Cure For Cancer? »

The claim is becoming more and more common on the social sites I haunt: There is a cure for cancer, but Big Pharma is hiding it because they make far more money on ineffective treatments than they could from curing the disease. Could this possibly be true? This is not a new claim. Thirty-five years […]

Hank Fox, Don’t Let Obama Fool You »

Hank Fox, The Blue Collar Atheist, took offence to my reference to Obama as LMO – Lord Messiah Obama. He crafted this blog post about it. Please read it before continuing with this article, which is my response. LMO is not really a reference to Obama; it refers to his more rabid followers, people who […]

Non-Religious People Are More Compassionate Than Religious People. Right? »

We all like to believe our group is better than their group, and atheists and skeptics are not immune, so this article, which claims that religious people are less compassionate than the non-religious,  didn’t surprise me.  Read it and see how many times your Bullshit Meter goes off. Done? If you’d like to continue testing your meter here’s a more thorough and slightly less […]

Meat is Deadly. Yeah, right. »

The food police have fired another salvo in the war against food choice.  This on is aimed at meat, with this ridiculous article in the LA times. The headline reads “All red meat is bad for you, new study says.” They include a link to the study, which is uncommon in this type of propaganda. The abstract […]

Funky Fundy Facts »

This article takes the time to carefully debunk these claims by a fundy anti-choice group. I saw it when some skeptic friends posted it on some social network sites.  They were upeset at the nonsense the fundies were spewing. I look at it a quite differently. This kind of hyperbole is a powerfully good thing. Think about the […]

One Smoke, Good-bye »

According to a new report by the US Surgeon General, smoking just one cigarette can trigger a heart attack.  Dr. Regina Benjamin also claims that even brief exposure to second hand smoke can have the same effect.  She backs up this claim with a list of hundreds of people who have had myocardial infarctions after […]

The Best Way to Deal With Homeopaths »

…is to make fun of them. Or, perhaps, put them in a sack and hit them with sticks.