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There’s a New Religion in Town – Atheism Plus »

I visit the Free Thought Blogs network from time to time, mostly to read one blog I like. While there, I usually click on another blog or two. Most of the writers are very long-winded.  They fill pages and pages without presenting any new ideas or expressing old ideas in new or interesting ways. Their […]

Bad Cop, No Donut »

Despite earning world-wide scorn for his plan to outlaw large sodas in New York City, little mayor Bloomberg evidently plans on going through with it. (P. J. O’Rourke said he wants to outlaw any drink that’s taller than he is.) And although thinking people are appalled, there are plenty of slobbering sycophants cheering him on. The […]

Lefty Dishonesty »

One of the most common debating tricks on-line is putting words in someone’s mouth, then condemning them for something they never said or even implied.  It’s dishonest, vile, and used almost exclusively by the left. If you say you think the Feds taking control of health care is a bad idea they’ll ask why you […]

Is the Tea Party Racist? »

Emily Ekins, a student at UCLA, conducted a study of the signs at a Tea Party rally.  She took pictures of about 250 signs and then categorized them.  She discovered that a quarter of them expressed anger at Obama, but only 5% mentioned his race or religion, and just 1% questioned his citizenship. With the […]

Stopping the Muslim Mosque in NYC »

The Muslim’s standard operating procedure for humiliating a defeated enemy is to destroy their most sacred buildings and replace them with mosques.  They then declare each one is one of their most holy of mosques and demand that everyone, Muslim or not, treat it with reverence.  They did it in Jerusalem, where they built the […]

Bad Santa »

Just in time for Christmas, the British Medical Journal is featuring an article blaming Santa for obesity, speeding, drunk driving, extreme sports, smoking and reckless behavior. Dr Nathan “Grinch” Grills wants to rework Santa into a politically correct image, right down to wearing a helmet and seat belt. Using a variation of the nannies second […]

Public Perceptions of Media Bias – WTF? »

The Pew Research Center just released a survey about the public perception of media bias.  Before reading the rest of this article, check out the results and rate your own reaction.  How many times did you say “What The Fuck?” First we have to ask if the survey itself is biased.  If it had been […]