Destroyed in Seconds – Lots of Stuff Blowed Up

I’ve always loved explosions. Some of my fondest childhood memories involve blowing things up, sometimes with commercial fireworks, sometimes with homemade fireworks, sometimes just by misusing common devices and/or chemicals. (Back then, there were real chemicals in chemistry sets.) If you’re a male you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Back when I did movie reviews one of my ratings was “Stuff Blowed Up.” (The other ratings were Stars, Plot Holes, Chick Flickyness, Snore factor, and Gratuitous Nudity. (The latter was a positive thing.))

MythBusters not only appeals to my skeptic side, but to that part of the male brain that loves seeing things being blown up.

I’ve always wanted a cable channel that was nothing more than explosions. Big explosions, small explosions, real explosions, move explosions- just endless explosions. It would be called The Stuff Blowed Up Channel.

When a show called “Smash Lab” was announced, I thought it might fill the bill, but it turned out to be slow and lame, with hardly any explosions.

But the Discovery channel has made up for that fiasco with their new show “Destroyed In Seconds.” There is no plot, no characters, nothing but stuff blowed up, blown over, burnt down, and rapidly smashed. Airplanes not only crash on runways, but head on in mid air. Speedboats flip, shatter, and explode. Race cars burst into flames. Factories full of fireworks or propaine tanks light up the sky. My only complaint is that it’s just a half hour long.

These are all real clips – no movie magic here – and while they don’t all involve explosions, each episode has enough stuff blowed up to satisfy that little kid who, decades ago, loved to spend a week building a model car just so he could stuff it full of firecrackers and destroy it in …well…seconds.

The narration is competent – not too hyperbolic – but that’s the one thing I’d like to see improved. The show would be even more entertaining if it were narrated by Wanda Sykes.

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