Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses For Haiti

Jehovah’s Witnesses are actively discouraged (virtually forbidden) from contributing to relief organizations in response to disasters.  On Friday afternoon someone on the Jehovah’s Witnesses Recovery Forum suggested setting up a site to encourage ex-JWs to donate to Haitian relief funds.  Friday night several of us had a conference call to plan out the details.  Now, on Sunday morning, less than 48 hours later, Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses For Haiti is up and running.

A half dozen people contributed their skills to make it a reality.  I’m very proud of all the people involved, and proud to have been a part of it.

An Open Letter to Everyone who has Escaped from Jehovah’s Witnesses

When we were Jehovah’s Witnesses, we responded to disasters with a perverse glee. We believed things like the earthquake in Haiti were a fulfillment of prophecy, a welcome sign that we were closer to our eagerly anticipated apocalypse. We were trained to be observers on standby, obediently waiting to hear from Bethel if there were any “brothers” or “sisters” in need. If there weren’t, we did nothing. If there were we’d be generous, but our generosity was limited to other Witnesses. Once in a great while, if anything was left, some non-Witnesses might receive some of the leftovers, but that was rare in our experience. We were disgustingly self-centered.

Now we’ve escaped and become the “worldly” people we were warned about. We read what we want to, watch what we like, pursue education, and develop friendships with good people who have real compassion that we never experienced in the cult. We no longer have the self-serving fear of humanity that defined us in our past life. And we are no longer discouraged from helping people in their times of need. We will never again help only “our own”. Now we understand that all of humanity is united, and our “brothers” and “sisters” are everyone, including those suffering in Haiti.

Transitioning from the Witnesses to the real world is always very difficult and usually takes many years. We try things, experiment, fail, try again and fail again, over and over until we finally succeed in finding our place in the real world and being comfortable in our own skin. While many skills, attitudes and actions are difficult for us to learn, some are pretty simple. An easy one, one we never did as Witnesses even though most “worldly” people do it as a matter of course, is helping out others in extreme need. It takes very little effort, other than to truly love all of our neighbors.

Whether you’re someone who hasn’t donated to an outside organization yet or a seasoned volunteer looking for a way to help, this is a perfect opportunity to both help Haitians with their recovery and show solidarity with other ex-Witnesses who wish to provide real relief in disaster situations. Simply select one of the charities on the home page, click the button, and make a donation. If you can only afford a few dollars, that’s fine. Discover how great it feels to give freely to help complete strangers in a dire situation.

Dropping money into the contribution box never felt this good.

* * *

ExJWs4Haiti never touches the money that’s donated – it goes directly to the charity of your choice.  Donations are completely anonymous.   The organizations we’ve selected, The Red Cross, CARE, Doctors Without Borders and Save The Children, are letting us know the dollar amounts contributed, but by design are providing no other information.

According to their official press release the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society – the controlling body of Jehovah’s Witnesses – are offering Haiti – prayer.  Whoop de do.  If they ever get off their self-righteous butts and send real aid we can be certain it will be earmarked for other JWs, and no one else.

If you’ve escaped from the JWs, or any other cult, this is an opportunity to pitch in and offer some real help.  It only takes a few minutes, and every dollar helps.  Please stop by Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses for Haiti and give what you can.


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  1. The lady who’s talking to the you tube that said she is ex-JW ia hypocrite if ur a ex-JW u know the values of the JW, Im not a JW but i know how to respect there beliefs and I know how to help without broadcasting it and saying bad things or words to other organization or beleieves or to whoever faith..why don’t u foccus on helping rather than saying un appropriate words to other… U can make a video campaign in You tube purely without discussing bad words to ur nieghboor or EX-Sisters and Brothers???? What is ur purpose on helping? to help or to make you popular on you tube??? ask that to yourself..

    mai | Jan 18, 2010 | Reply

  2. Having spent the first 20 years of my life enslaved to the JWs, I know their beliefs and values, and they are not deserving of any respect. Everything Moxie said in the video is 100% accurate. If anything, she pulled her punches and was much more diplomatic than I would have been.

    We *are* focusing on helping others – that’s the whole point of this. As of this moment we’ve raised over $1600. The JWs continue to offer – absolutely *nothing*. (Well, they said they’ll pray, for all the good *that* does.) $1600+ in less than a day and a half is pretty impressive in my book. We’re shooting for $10k, and I think we’ll make it.

    As far as revealing to the world how stingy, self-centered and useless Jehovah’s Witnesses are – well, that’s just a bit of icing on the cake.

    Dave Hitt | Jan 18, 2010 | Reply

  3. Because of the lack of heavy equipment brothers are digging out families with their bare hands. Although their first interest is their immediate family and the friends in the congregation, they are helping anyone they can everywhere they can.

    Fred | Jan 18, 2010 | Reply

  4. you are a disgusting human being!

    Fred | Jan 18, 2010 | Reply

  5. Fred, how much money have YOU contributed to a secular organization that helps everyone regardless of their belief? How much money have YOU helped raise?

    Hittman | Jan 18, 2010 | Reply

  6. Dave Hitt, thankyou for posting this item on your blog. I hope the people who have posted here with the express intention of insulting you are proud of their Christian selves.
    Respect is something you earn. All those who subscribe to the ideology describe in the blog earn is the everlasting contempt of decent human beings

    M. Cooper | Jan 19, 2010 | Reply

  7. I have friends who are witnesses and they are far from being as callous as described in the video. Its natural for everyone to think first about his family and friends..more so, when they love each other…pls if u want to help pple in Haiti go on and do that and stop speaking bad about other persons. To the best of my knowledge, Jehovah’s Witnesses help everyone when they have the ability to…maybe, they only do not publicize the help enough..

    Donald | Jan 19, 2010 | Reply

  8. Donald, they’re not callous, but they are trained and strictly controlled. In my experience, and I was one of them for twenty years, their first response to a disaster is to help out their own, their “brothers and sisters,” to the exclusion of everyone else. Then their resources are directed at rebuilding or repairing their Kingdom Halls. Then, if anything is left, they pass out the crumbs to “worldly” people and brag about it. Contributions to “worldly” charities like the ones we’re supporting are strongly discouraged, not quite forbidden, but the effect is the same.

    Hittman | Jan 19, 2010 | Reply

  9. and how did this change from helping people to insulting witnesses.and if you are happy that you got out then stay happy.no one forced you to join or leave.you know what you know can you move on already and do what you started the site for.Good Lord!!

    mel | Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

  10. From jw-media.org
    And you dare call that NOT helping?

    Witnesses’ relief efforts well under way for victims of earthquake in Haiti
    NEW YORK—Jehovah’s Witnesses are actively providing local and international assistance for victims of the massive earthquake that struck Haiti on the evening of January 12, 2010.

    In cooperation with local authorities and other relief agencies, the Witnesses organized to help meet the immediate needs of their fellow worshippers and other victims in Haiti and care for them. The Witnesses’ branch office in the Dominican Republic quickly sent six tons of food and medical supplies to the branch office in Haiti. These supplies were received the morning after the disaster. Witnesses at the Haiti branch office then prepared 700 bags with basic necessities. These bags, weighing 10 kilograms (just over 22 pounds) each and providing 2,800 meals, were transported to Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses that were designated as relief distribution centers. From the first shipment, three-day rations were distributed to 4,700 people. This was followed by twice-daily shipments of relief materials, including boxes of clothing.

    Arrangements were also made to send fellow Witnesses who are medical professionals from the Dominican Republic to Haiti to assist in rendering urgently needed care. An Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses remained intact after the quake and is now serving as a temporary clinic and medical center for the injured. Three different Kingdom Halls in the affected area are being used similarly, with local Haitian Witnesses who are doctors providing medical attention. At these makeshift facilities, efforts are made to stabilize the patients’ condition. However, if the injuries are so severe that the patient needs a procedure that would use equipment and/or medication beyond what the Witnesses have on hand, arrangements are made to transport such a critical care patient to nearby hospitals. Initially, 12 Witnesses were transported to a hospital in Jimaní, Dominican Republic, near the border with Haiti. Critical care patients are now being taken to a hospital farther away, in Barahona, Dominican Republic, approximately 50 miles from the border. The Witnesses’ assistance in caring for the medical needs of their fellow worshippers and others is proving to be valuable, since several hospitals in Haiti were destroyed by the quake and the remaining area hospitals are overwhelmed. Two teams of Jehovah’s Witnesses who are medical professionals from France, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States volunteered to travel to Haiti and to work directly with the relief efforts that the branch offices in Haiti and the Dominican Republic are coordinating. These teams are expected to arrive by Tuesday, January 19.

    There are an estimated 10,000 of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the disaster area. Sadly, the latest reports from the Haiti branch office confirm that the death toll among the Witnesses now stands at 103, and that number is expected to rise as more reports are received. The Witnesses continue coordinating their international relief efforts from their world headquarters in Brooklyn. The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses is caring for these expenses by utilizing funds donated to the Witnesses’ worldwide work.

    linpiao | Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

  11. I don’t see anything in that carefully worded press release which negates what we’re saying. All I see is Witness this and Witness that – nothing about helping non-witnesses. I’m guessing you’ll throw a few crumbs to any non-JWs who get in your way, but the primary focus is on other Witnesses only, just as it’s always been in these kinds if situations.

    Hittman | Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

  12. Linpiao, thanks for those words. I don’t doubt any bit of it at all…It sounds more like what Witnesses I know will do…pls keep the good work up…God be with all in Haiti!

    Donald | Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

  13. Hittman, please don’t you think you will do more good by concentrating more on your help program?

    Donald | Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

  14. Really? I’m a former Jehovah’s Witness but that fact doesn’t define me. I don’t go around calling myself an “ex Jehovah’s Witness.” I’ve moved on.
    You should too. Is this faux charity really necessary? Seriously. Move on with your lives.

    Todd | Jan 20, 2010 | Reply

  15. If you have not been a JW you have no clue. Every organization can put up a good front.

    Joan | Jan 21, 2010 | Reply

  16. I left the JW’s because they have NO CHARITY – NONE! I asked my sisters who all remain locked in and they said that their ‘charity’ is going door to door. (criticizing other religions and recruiting members) That is seriously what they consider charity and they feel very righteous in doing so. My family has 5 generations of JW so I know whereof I speak. I was raised as a JW and as an adult, I gave some deep thought to what the Bible actually MEANS. Other than loving God and following Jesus, Charity and doing good for your fellow humans is what I feel is the most important message from the Bible. “The greatest of these is Love” And to those who say “move on” it is very difficult to move forward and heal. It takes time and I don’t ever feel completely healed. It has affected my view of the world. I still wait for the world to end . . . after 30 years!!

    Joan | Jan 21, 2010 | Reply

  17. Please notice that the information about all their help is from a PRESS RELEASE from the JW OFFICIAL MEDIA ORGANIZATION.

    One final note about their self-centeredness – They are now allowed to accept all blood fractions but REFUSE TO DONATE BLOOD. When I was active JW they equated organ transplant to cannibalism, but now they also accept organ transplants (gee, the leaders must be getting old and having organ failures) I doubt that they are allowed to be organ donors.

    Joan | Jan 21, 2010 | Reply

  18. I never thought I’d see the day when so many Jehovah’s Witnesses would come out of the woodwork to bitch about another group trying to help people who have suffered in a disaster. Hittman and the others are absolutely right about being a JW. We were discouraged from contributing to the Red Cross or Salvation Army for any reason, even during a disaster, because they “had roots in false religion.” Even when there were fires, floods, or earthquakes in southern California, when I was a JW we were never called to help or to contribute toward the relief efforts. We just sat by and watched others take the initiative and do the work. All of our money went to Brooklyn for “the missionary work” or to buy a new building in Columbia Heights for the Bethel family.

    What this small group of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses have done should be applauded, not criticized. They’ve all stated that they felt that while they were JWs they never really did their part to help humanity, just other JWs, and even that was only rarely. When big floods or tornadoes would occur in the midwest USA, many JW families would receive help from the Red Cross and other charitable organizations. But not once did the Watchtower or Awake! magazines come out and ask for specific aid to help those JW victims. Not once did a call go out to the Kingdom Halls for special contributions to help. It was assumed that the Red Cross, Salvation Army or other charities would take care of “our brothers and sisters.”

    Those of us who were JWs know the truth about how the Watchtower promotes spending more time in field service and placing more magazines as the way to “help our neighbors.”

    To try to make the charitable efforts of these very few well-meaning ex-JWs look like something evil is despicable. Those of you choosing not to support their unselfish efforts should be ashamed of yourselves and the religion you follow.

    John | Jan 21, 2010 | Reply

  19. I applaud the exJWs for Haiti group for their charity, but I think using the disaster as an excuse to blather about their past is unnecessary and smacks of asinine contempt for their old lives.

    There are many of us that were JWs, but we do not allow our new lifestyles to be shackled by the old drudgery of the JW mind control experienced previously. To effectively be free, we should be able to discount that decrepit negativity and move ahead. All of what Hittman said is undoubtedly true, but I think the points are over-emphasised, and when examined, are meagre and unworthy of special attention. To hijack something like a natural disaster of this proportion to propagate a negative image about JWs is callous indeed.

    Kudos for the relief effort, all the same.

    Mark | Jan 22, 2010 | Reply

  20. Funny how you are still using Jehovahs name.

    If the truth is so wrong I would have thought you have dropped it but no…..otherwise you would still be nobodies…..just another person disillusioned by religion.

    john | Jan 23, 2010 | Reply

  21. I agree with your view of the ones trashing the JWs. Now that they are “free” of Jehovah they have enslaved themselves with hatred of people they used to love as brothers and sisters. The Bible says “while there is time for it, do what is good for all, but especially to those related to you in the faith.” (sorry, I can’t recall the scripture, but you can go to the official Watchtower website and look it up in the online Bible.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are a worldwide family. If you were in the midst of a disaster who would you be thinking of first? I think you would be looking for and trying to save your family members first. It is really human nature to think of family first, related in the flesh and related in spirit.

    marie | Jan 23, 2010 | Reply

  22. Jehovah’s Witnesses are a worldwide family.

    A family, it should be noted, that will instantly turn their backs on anyone who leaves, or commits one of the million transgressions that can get them kicked out. Do soemthing out of line, even something as simple as quietly leaving the organization, and every single JW in the world will refuse to talk to you, much less help you in a time of need.

    Yeah, some family.

    Hittman | Jan 23, 2010 | Reply

  23. It would make your comments a bit clearer, showing some clarity, and sense, if you could possibly put this abyssmal diatribe through a spell checker. Even better if you could sort out your grammar at the same time.

    Please become aware that the WatchTower Bible and Tract Society care for no one bar their own “Brothers” and “Sisters”. Should you ever be in a situation where you needed urgent life saving help, and one of their “brothers” needed a small help. Whom do you think would be their choice? Samaritans would be, are, ostracised from the Witnesses.

    This is not an organisation who love their neighbour – there is a degree of hatred here, of each and every outside “God’s Organisation”.

    Were you aware they’re going to dance on your, everyone else’s grave, following Apocalypse? Apart from the 144,000 Witnesses, that is. Do they tell the populace that, in their door to door proselytising?

    Founded by a necromancer and imbued by a egotistical self gratifying alcoholic. There are so many issues surrounding this group, but Christianity comes but lowly in any list of attributes.

    Rigreg | Jan 24, 2010 | Reply

  24. Within 24 hours, Jehovah’s Witnesses had relief efforts going for BOTH witnesses and non-witnesses. It was faster and more organized than most others as we can see from the media coverage. We care about all people. It is absurd that we would neglect anyone in need or hurt. That is opposite of the Christlike mind. I have a neighbor who is sponsoring a Haitian boy for surgery and we have consoled and encouraged his relief efforts for his country. How short-sighted and hateful many ex-JWs are!! They feel ostracized because of their unrepentant unscriptural behavior. We all make mistakes. If anyone wants to return to Jehovah, it matters not what one has done. Repentance and a willing spirit is all one needs. You need not spread lies because of your feeling put out. Would you speak that way of the Baptist or Mormons or any other religion? Hardly. Drop the venom. The vileness is not from Christ or Jehovah.

    Generous JW | Jan 24, 2010 | Reply

  25. Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses For Haiti is a lie. I’ve been a witness for over 20 years now. I’ve never been discourage from contributing to relief organizations. I’ve personnaly contributed to some charities doing good work in UK. And do you really believe that anyone who wants to contribute to any of the charities you mention would not be able to contact them directly???? What is your real agenda remains to be seen.

    Thierry | Jan 25, 2010 | Reply

  26. Were you aware they’re going to dance on your, everyone else’s grave, following Apocalypse? Apart from the 144,000 Witnesses, that is. Do they tell the populace that, in their door to door proselytising?

    You’re close, but their theology is a bit different. They preach that only 144k, “The Anointed” are going to heaven to give Jesus a hand, and after Armageddon there will be millions of non-anointed JWs dancing on the graves of all the non-JWs their god lovingly murdered. Yeah, it’s confusing.

    A few nights ago, while the Tivo was paused, I got into a conversation with my kids about JW doctrine. They literally turned off the TV to continue the conversation because it was much much funnier than the comedy we’d been watching.

    I have a neighbor who is sponsoring a Haitian boy for surgery and we have consoled and encouraged his relief efforts for his country.

    And how much have you contributed to those relief efforts? Prayer, propaganda (JW lit.) and sending money to the WTB&TS doesn’t count.

    How short-sighted and hateful many ex-JWs are!! They feel ostracized because of their unrepentant unscriptural behavior.

    It’s so sad. You’re a poor little mindless clone, mouthing the trite propaganda you’ve been trained to embrace. You’ll never know the freedom of the real world. The freedom to make your own decisions and your own mistakes. The freedom to choose your friends, the kid of clothes you’ll wear, which books you’ll read and which movies you’ll watch. The freedom to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. The freedom to make decisions, big ones and little ones, without having to pause first and worry about it displeasing your sky-daddy, or “stumbling” your brothers or sisters, or even worse, the annoying dour faced elders who are watching your every move.

    You have no idea what we’re feeling, but if you have the courage to stop by any ex-JW forum you can see it firsthand. But then, that could get you disfellowshiped, because your small minded cult can’t handle anyone doing research of any kind without their guidance.

    But give it a try anyway. Reality is awesome.

    Ex Jehovah’s Witnesses For Haiti is a lie. I’ve been a witness for over 20 years now. I’ve never been discourage from contributing to relief organizations.

    I’ve been out for longer than that, but recent escapees confirm that nothing has changed since I was in – contributing to “worldly” charities is “strongly discouraged,” which in the cult mindest of the JWs, is the same as them being forbidden.

    Hittman | Jan 27, 2010 | Reply

  27. TO MAI:

    I was a Jehovah’s Witness for 30 years of my adult life. So, I am qualified to say to you: You have NO CLUE what you are talking about so you should SHUT THE F*** UP.

    The young woman in this video is 100% correct. Also, she is compassionate and brave regarding her fellow man, something that we were taught not to be. In fact, active true JWs would have a very low opinion of YOU. Yes you. Because you are “worldly” and under the influence of Satan, and soon to be destroyed by Jehovah God. To a JW, not even the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ can save you from the upcomming destruction at Armageddon.
    They feel the same way about those killed in Haiti, so they see no loss because of the tragety. If you become friends with a JW, they will hide this from you. Only if you become a “baptised Witness” will you learn what they think. But if that happens, you will already be indoctinated and will feel the same way about everyone else who is “worldly.”

    30YearJW | Jan 28, 2010 | Reply

  28. In reading this it is clear, you never understood that Jehovah’s love is towards all, a true JW has love and compassion for all, and would never turn away from anyone in need. (Galations 6:10) The need to speak abusively about the JW’s (1 Peter 4:4) Makes it clear to see that you are not completely informed about JW’s. The JW’s where there on September 11th, giving aid to the workers at ground zero, they provided food and shelter to those workers. The JW’s also were one of the first to come to the aid of those in need after Katrina and many are still there today helping to rebuild not only JW’s home but anyone in need. JW’s were one of the first groups into Haiti providing food and shelter to anyone in need. They have turn their Kingdom Halls into hospitals and many JW’s who are Doctors and Nurses, and EMT’s from around the world were there before anyone one else. The Haiti JW’s have lost 104 and still counting in earthquake. I don’t know how long you were a JW, but I have been one for over 35 years and “NEVER” have I ever heard to turn away and not help my neighbor!

    L K Rochette | Feb 5, 2010 | Reply

  29. Here is a link to a newspaper article regarding our relief work in Haiti. Read for yourselves from this article proving these “Ex JW’s” don’t know what they are talking about. They are totally lying. If you people don’t want to the truth, fine – but why do you feel the need to lie about the organization now? If you want to help the victims in Haiti, that’s great! Encourage people to contribute to the Red Cross or whatever organization you want. But don’t lie and say we don’t help anyone.
    Below just a couple of quotes from the article. Feel free to read the whole article though.
    “At 2:30 am, Thursday, January 14, Witness truck drivers from their branch office here in the Dominican Republic were off to the border with 15,000 pounds of relief supplies. They were some of the first on the scene. They continued to send shipments of 30,000 pounds of food and medicine supplies every few days.”
    “A group of Witness Dominican doctors and medical personnel began to arrive in less than 24 hours after the quake. Among this group of 19 were an orthopedic surgeon, a general surgeon and other medical disciplines.”
    “The Assembly Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Santo, Republic of Haiti, remained intact after the quake and served as a temporary clinic and medical center for the injured. Three Kingdom Halls in the affected area are being used similarly, with local Haitian Witnesses who are doctors providing medical attention.”

    JW Forever & Proud of it | Mar 17, 2010 | Reply

  30. Nothing in that article contradicts what I said. The JWs are taking care of their own, and non-witnesses are getting the leftovers.

    Which was SOP when I left 30+ years ago. Maybe you need a “new truth” directing you to treat your fellow man equally. But then, they’re only “worldly.”

    Hittman | Mar 17, 2010 | Reply

  31. you are disgusting ass
    I have family that are JW and they help no one
    so shut your mouth she know very well what she’s talking about

    Mary | Apr 4, 2010 | Reply

  32. to Mai shut up

    Mary | Apr 4, 2010 | Reply

  33. 30 years JW
    I agree with you 100%
    I have family that are jehova’s Witnesses and all they do is critize other religions.
    They help no one.
    They always try to save themselves.
    They think they know everything there is to know about God. They are in for a big surprise one day.

    Mary | Apr 4, 2010 | Reply

  34. I just wanted to say in a very neutral way, I lived for a number of years in a country which I will not mention, in the home of my parents-in-law. We were not poor, in fact my father-in-law had a very good job as a government official. What amused me was the way tinned food and other supplies would make their way to our home, all specially boxed and labeled as being “aid” from the various main stream charities you have mentioned here. Why I was often amused was because of the fact we were neither needy nor destitute. Yet, around us in the village there were indeed many who could have benefited from these things, but they simply never received them. This was common practice. I no longer live there. But I just thought that unless you have actually been on the ground, everything else you hear or read is simply hearsay…. good intentions or not, compassionate heart or not. Another thing, when I give, I don’t tell others that I gave, because that’s nobodys business. Recommended reading: “El Tunel” (The Tunnel) by Ernesto Sabato…. alot of the motivation in charity here seems to be like that of “society” as reflected in this existentialist work…. and anyway, everyone who has been educated knows how fallacious it is to tout one’s own good work against someone else’s short comings to provide a contrast and make one look better in the eyes of others. This is so juvenile. Please, at the end of the day…. who cares??????????

    khadija yeomanis | May 13, 2010 | Reply

  35. I am a witness of Jehovah and I put “organ donor” on my license. My witness husband doesn’t want “blood factions” and I’d consider it. We need to have respect for free will and the (possibly changing) consciences of ourselves and others. They are gifts from God.

    Stacy | Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

  36. Thirty years ago, Stacy, you could have been disfellowshiped for that. They would have ruined your life for it, but now it’s OK? The theology of the JWs is ever changing, using the New Light excuse, but if Jehovah is omniscient, why does his organization make so many mistakes?

    I strongly suggest that you Google “Jehovah’s Witnesses” and read every single site on the first three pages. If it’s The Truth, what do you have to fear?

    Then look up 607 – the date your entire theology is based on.

    Then finish up with a visit to the Jehovah’s Witness Recovery forum.

    Dave Hitt | Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

  37. Organ transplants were forbidden, and as you know doing anything forbidden by the WTB&TS can lead to disfellowshipping.

    “Those who submit to such operations {organ transplants} are thus living off the flesh of another human. That is cannibalistic. However, in allowing man to eat animal flesh Jehovah God did not grant permission for humans to try to perpetuate their lives by cannibalistically taking into their bodies human flesh, whether chewed or in the form of whole organs or body parts taken from others.” – The Watchtower, November 15, 1967, p. 702

    In 1980 this was changed: “Other sincere Christians today may feel that the Bible does not definitely rule out medical transplants of human organs …It may be argued, too, that organ transplants are different from cannibalism since the ‘donor’ is not killed to supply food. …there is no Biblical command pointedly forbidding the taking in of other human tissue.” -The Watchtower, March 15, 1980, p. 31

    So it was cannibalism, then, suddenly, it wasn’t.

    They were also anti vaxers:

    1921: “Vaccination never prevented anything and never will, and is the most barbarous practice…We are in the last days; {yep, back in 1921 it was the last days}….Use your rights as American citizens to forever abolish the devilish practice of vaccinations.”—The Golden Age, October 12, 1921, p. 17

    That changed in 1952: “Vaccination does not bear any relationship to or any likeness to the intermarriage of angelic ‘sons of God’ with the daughters of men, as described in Genesis 6:1-4. Neither can it be put in the same class as described at Leviticus 18:23-24, which forbids the mingling of humans with animals. It has nothing to do with sex relations.” — The Watchtower, December 15, 1952, p. 764

    Dave Hitt | Dec 10, 2012 | Reply

  38. Mark, May I agree with the spirit of your comment?!! And I was IN a disaster where our home was partially destroyed and some JWs did help very willingly and some did not for whatever reasons. The Red Cross was great, in fact, I joined the Red Cross myself as a way of giving back. I am grateful for all the help we got and trust me, it is still a traumatic event, not something I’d want to go through every day. Being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses is not a “cure-all” band aid for the rotten times in life. I think it all comes down to the qualities and abilities of the individuals involved!

    Stacy | Dec 11, 2012 | Reply

  39. As healthcare is essential for individuals of Haiti, Haiti Relief Fund is committed as well as committed to assist all public medical centers in Haiti by distributing contributed clinical supplies
    and devices to public medical centers and also clinics in requirement throughout Haiti.

    haiti Relief fund | Oct 24, 2014 | Reply

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