Is Obama an Evil Genius?

Amateur evil villains construct elaborate plans that require dozens of complex capers to work flawlessly. The best evil villains are far more subtle. They reach their goal with one single action, one domino they flick, almost casually, before sitting back to watch events inevitably tumble into completing their master plan.

Perhaps it was just luck, but I suspect Obama knew exactly what he was doing when he tipped a single domino: a federal demand that employer’s health insurance cover birth control. It’s triggered a series of events that makes the GOP look evil, which plays into his master plan of another four years to grow government and reduce liberty. (As opposed to the GOPs master plan to do the same thing.)

Covering birth control is a requirement that already exists in 28 states where Catholic businesses have complied without their world ending. But making it a federal mandate provided them with a platform to bitch and moan about being forced to act in a way that’s contrary to their morals.

They have no argument. The Catholic Church can not make any claims about their morals, because they have none. They ran the world’s largest and most successful pedophile ring for at least a half a century, and when it was exposed they responded by protecting (and sometimes rewarding) the perpetrator’s and vilifying the victims. Let’s be blunt – their priests literally fucked little children, over and over and over, tens of thousands of times, and the church still has not accepted the responsibility for their actions. Therefore, any claims they make about morality should be laughed at and then ignored.

Although this legislation feels good, I can’t find any clause in the constitution that says people should get free birth control, and I don’t like government mandates of any kind. So I have to say it’s a bad idea, no matter how much I enjoy pissing off the Catholic Church.

The left has made ridiculous claims about the price of birth control. I’ve heard claims that it cost $3,000 a year. Nonsense. Condoms are a dollar each. Using a diaphragm costs a few bucks a month. The Pill, depending on the type, costs between fifteen and fifty dollars a month. No one priced out of buying contraception.

On the other hand, it makes economic sense for health insurance companies to encourage birth control. Providing it is far, far cheaper than paying for a delivery of a kid that will also end up on the insurance plan.

This issue has served as a springboard to highlight other conservative attacks on women. For years I’ve been harping that the actual difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is trivial, but the GOP seems determined to prove me wrong on at least one set of issues: they hate women. At least, women who don’t stay home and squirt out babies for them.

There is legislation pending in some of the toothless states that will mandate rape for women who seek early term abortions. The law will require that their doctors rape them with medical instruments. How sick is that?

Almost as sick as Rick Santorum’s view of women. Not only does he preach that birth control between married people is wrong, he thinks that if a woman gets pregnant from rape, that fetus is a gift from god. I know his god is a dick, but come on.

The capper to this caper was Rush Limbaugh running is mouth and slandering a woman who merely wanted to testify in favor of this regulation. You’ve all heard what he spewed, spew that was over the top even for him. It resulted in a massive boycott movement against his sponsors. As of this writing seven major sponsors have pulled their ads from his show. Rush has responded with a lukewarm non-apology apology.

Lefties are delighted, convinced this is the beginning of the end of Rush. Silly people. His fifteen million fans are impervious to logic, reason or compassion for anyone other than Rush himself. Consider that while he was celebrating the War on Some Drugs and preaching the evils of drug use, he was sucking down so much hillbilly heroin he blew out his own hearing. His fans responded to his hypocrisy with…sympathy, mostly.

This entire series of events creates a picture of the Republicans as the party that despises women, a picture that’s difficult to dispel, especially when fresh examples keep hitting the front pages. And somewhere, sitting in the shadows of a darkened room in the White House, smoking a clandestine cigarette and perhaps petting a white cat, Obama is laughing a loud, evil laugh. “Muh Haw Haw Haw Haw Haw!” His plan is working perfectly.


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  1. I’m not going to take shots at the Catholic church over their stand on contraception. I don’t agree, but that’s just my opinion. They can believe as they wish. What I find quite interesting, however, is the manufactured outrage. As you correctly note, a large number of states have had the same insurance requirement for some time now and the world hasn’t collapsed. Where was the outrage when these laws were enacted? Of equal interest is their stand (or more accurately, lack of a stand) on divorce. Since the church does not recognize divorce and many of their employees in schools and hospitals must surely be divorced and remarried (civil divorce), why do they not object to providing family health insurance plans for these folks? If you are going to use your religious dogma to determine what benefits are morally acceptable to provide your employees, why pick and choose? At least do us the courtesy of being consistent. That I can respect (fully disagree with). By picking and choosing which rules to protest, aren’t the church leaders being a la carte Catholics, the same thing they accuse some of their flock of being?

    scottwod | Mar 6, 2012 | Reply

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