LMO Takes Over the Networks

The Lord Messiah ObamaWhen Obama made his Wednesday night speech he asked the four major networks to cover it.  ABC, CBS and NBC did.  Of course.  Fox elected to run it’s regular programming.  Of course.

Back in the days before cable and Tivo, when there where only three networks we captured with rabbit ears covered with aluminum foil, I was always annoyed when presidential speeches commandeered every station.  Why couldn’t it be on one channel?  Where was my choice?  Now it doesn’t matter so much – there’s always something I like on the Tivo.

I was visiting relatives on Wednesday night, and they had The Lord Messiah Obama on in the background.  I was more interested in our conversation and only listening out of the corner of one ear.  He was assuring us that the government, who did such a fine fine job with Katrina, had everything under control, advising parents to keep sick kids home from school (duh) and promising that swine flu wouldn’t interfere with government pork.  Or something like that.

But the best part of the event was the title of the show Fox ran instead:  Lie To Me.

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