News Flash: Spitzer is a Democrat

Media bias is seldom this obvious. Most of the mainstream media (MSM) doesn’t mention that Spitzer is a democrat. NBC, ABC and CBS ran headline stories without once mentioning his party affiliation. The New York Times originally mentioned it in the third paragraph of their article, but then quietly moved it to paragraph 15.  USA Today never mentioned it at all. Neither did the Today show. The first BBC article on the subject mentioned it in the sixth paragraph of their first article, but then edited it out completely. Only Fox prominently displayed the fact that he was a democrat. (Big surprise there.)

Quick, what party does Larry Craig belong to? You know because the MSM made sure you knew. But you could spend the day watching and reading Spitzer stories on the MSM still not be sure of his political party.

This is the same media that almost universally praised his thuggery. This Wall Street Journal article discusses their complicity it in detail.

And just in case you doubt he’s a thug, check out this collection of articles.

Today it was leaked that he’s resigning Monday. He’ll be replaced by the state’s current Lieutenant Governor, someone no one has ever heard of. I hesitate to say the new guy couldn’t be any worse, because that prediction can backfire, but it’s a good bet he’s not as despicable a human being as Spitzer, simply because very few people are.


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  1. Well, I think it’s fair to say that the republicans tend to make a big issue of family values and such. The Democrats are usually more interested in shaming you for your carbon footprint.

    So I think it’s fair to make a bigger deal out of the party affiliation when a Republican is involved in a sex scandal. It just seems a little more hypocritical.

    Parrot | Mar 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. He probably wouldn’t have resigned if the the democrats in Albany decided to support him. He was just so hated that they threw him to the wolves and he definitely deserves everything he is getting now, based on his former actions.
    Sadly the problem with Republicans is that they immediately distance themselves from any Republican that as screwed up like this. Where as Democrats tend to support them even more. I think the funniest thing of all is that if Spitzer got the democrats to support him he probably would have been re-elected or even been pushed to run for president in 2012.
    I don’t think I can find any Republicans that has been re-elected after violating the public trust but I am sure anybody could easily name a few democrats that have. Marion Barry and Alan Hevesi comes to mind.

    Tom | Mar 16, 2008 | Reply

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