Picture of a Gun = Threat to the Chilllllllldereeennnnn.

We’ve seen kids kicked out of school for having a gun charm on a charm bracelet, for having a tiny bat that fell off a baseball trophy in their car, for having a butter knife in the trunk of their car, and for drawing pictures of guns in school.  But that’s not going far enough, according to the mouth breather Donald Childs, who presides over the Beaver Dam Middle school.  A picture of a gun on a website that has nothing to do with the school presents some a new level of danger, a mystical threat to safety.

Betsy Ramsdale has been put in administrative leave for posting a picture of a gun on Facebook.  Specifically, a photo of her pointing a gun.  Although Childs admits she was “a good and capable teacher,” a picture of her pointing a rifle suddenly and magically removes all her qualifications.  

Betsy, who was turned in by a member of the school staff too gutless to provide their own name, reacted by immediately changing the photo, but that wasn’t good enough for the Cretans who suspended her.  Will she be expected to grovel at the feed of Mr. Childs, who obviously isn’t fit supervise the training of Chihuahuas, much less children?  


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  1. Chances are, in the direction our society is going, any of us who are professionals should not be participating in the world of Myspace or Facebook and just leave that stuff to the kids. I am in a profession where I am in front of my customers everyday and certainly cant afford to have anything offensive on a website connected to me or I surely would lose my private sector job. My wife is a middle school teacher and she also chooses not to participate in the world of webpages for fear of offending or giving ammunition to a administrator of nutcase parent who may want to harm her carreer.

    maxx | Feb 24, 2009 | Reply

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