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A few years ago I saw a distinguished British actor expressing concern over Muslim the birth rates in the UK. The general population is having fewer and fewer children, to the point where they’re not even replacing their own population. The fundamentalist Muslims, however, are breeding at a prodigious rate – three times as fast as other Europeans.

I more or less forgot about it until I saw this link on the excellent Nobody’s Business blog. The most popular name for newborn boys in England is John. The second most popular – Mohamed. It is expected to be #1 next year.

This is happening all over Europe. Think of the implications if Muslims succeed in becoming a majority. Anti-Semitism is rampant in Europe, especially in France, another country where Fundy Muslims are breeding their way toward being a majority. Does anyone hate the Jews more than Muslims? While they deny the holocaust, isn’t likely that they’d stage another one? And while Europe’s military power has been on the wane for a long time, what would happen if Muslims were to take control of just a few European governments?

Just a few years ago the Taliban destroyed two 2000 year old giant Buddha statues in Afghanistan, because any depiction of humans is sinful. Imagine if they gain enough power to do the same thing to the great art throughout Europe, the cradle of western civilzation.

No wonder they feel the need to breed so voraciously. When your culture demands that you blow up your sons and murder your daughters you need a steady supply of replacements.

Most immigrants assimilate to their new country within a generation or two. Here in America, even if the parents don’t speak English, their children do, usually without an accent. Their grandchildren not only speak English perfectly, they usually loose any fluency in their grandparent’s native tongue. In other words, they become Americans.

This seldom happens with fundamentalist Muslims. The cloister themselves in their own little (but continually expanding) communities. They insulate their children from the “evil” outside influences of the country they’re infesting. And if the kids wise up, leave, and decide to become reasonable human beings, they murder them. It’s an honor thing.

We’ve seen the results first hand with the London bombings. It wasn’t carried out by outside forces, but by home-grown Muslim terrorists.

In other news of the “Religion of Peace:”

Hamas said they’ve stopped broadcasting a children’s show where an ersatz Mickey Mouse teaches kids to drink their milk, say their prayers, and hate Jews. They lied; it’s still being broadcast.

In England, a Muslim man was shown a photo of his daughter kissing an unbeliever. The boyfriend was a Muslim too, but the wrong flavor of Muslim, so when beating her for two weeks didn’t work he hired a gang of thugs to murder her. Father’s day must be a blast at their house.

This is a well written account of a western reporter spending time in Saudi Arabia covered from head to foot. (Requires a free registration.)

Iran has declared that porn stars should be killed.

An group of Iranian thugs went on a murder spree, killing people they decided weren’t Muslim enough. They killed 18 people but were only tried for five murders. Some were convicted by lower courts, but repeatedly exonerated by Iran’s supreme court on the grounds that their victims were all morally corrupt.

In Germany, a Muslim woman tried to live life as a normal person, so her brothers killed her. This is not an isolated incident; it’s happened six times in the past four months in Germany.

Pew did a comprehensive survey of Muslim attitudes and beliefs. In the US only 40% believed that Arabs had anything to do with 9/11. Only 58% have an unfavorable view of Al-Qaeda; over a quarter of those surveyed refused to answer the question. Among the Muslim males of prime terrorist age – 18-30 – 26% said terrorism was just fine and dandy with them. Here’s an article that analyzes the results. You can probably find a few thousand more, spinning the information in various directions.

Aren’t we lucky they’re a peaceful religion? Imagine what would happen if they were to get violent.

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  1. Just happened upon your site recently – when smoking bans were signed into law in Illinois.

    This particular posting about Muslims is pretty eye-opening but you realize, of course, that if ABC got a hold of this that’d call you everything but a white boy. I mention ABC because they did a one-hour special last night titled “What Would You Do?”

    They had a (actor) guy working behind the counter in a bakery…somewhere in Texas. This (actress) muslim woman comes in and he won’t serve her. He calls her a terrorist, towel head, camel jockey, blah, blah. She tells him she is American and he continues his way over the top abuse. She, of course, plays the glutton for punishment…all to see how people would react. An older guy stood up for her and when they let him in on the play, I have to admit that I shed a tear or two at his compassion for another human being…no matter what race or religion. It was very Kumbayah and (as designed) brought out the “fight against social injustice” in me.

    Now, I’m not saying we should abuse or humiliate Muslims in our society but facts are facts. Am I paranoid or are we being conditioned to embrace anything and everything without question? I’m feeling like a subject in a social experiment right now.

    Teresa | Feb 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. When I see a woman covered from head to toe I’d like to approach her, hand her a calender, and say, calmly and respectfully, “note the date. You don’t have to do this any more. Why not throw off your shackles and give freedom a try?” But it would be rude, so I don’t.

    The old guy was standing up for an individual, and that’s commendable.

    Why is it, that whenever there’s a conflict between our culture and theirs, we’re assumed to be the ones in the wrong? Why are *we* supposed to bend over backwards to accommodate their superstitions? Would they do that for us in their Muslim countries?

    Dave Hitt | Mar 6, 2008 | Reply

  3. Wow, such racist and anti-religious ranting I’ve not seen in such a long time.

    Try and back up some of your wilder statements with fact next time… what evidence are you using to support the “culture” of Muslims suicide bombing? Its not actually part of Islam, and those who kill themselves go to the Muslim version of Hell.

    Some fundamentalist Muslims do bad things. Some fundamentalist Christians do bad things. Some fundamentalist Jews do bad things.

    Try knowing the religion first before posting about it, point out only those who are breaking laws, and take the plank out of your own eye before pointing at the splinter in your brothers.

    In relation to Dave’s comment about women who choose to wear the veil or who may not feel that they have a choice, what difference does it make whether they are veiled or not? If nuns can wear habits, and monks wear robes, why can’t Muslim women wear veils?

    I work with a Somali Muslim woman who chooses to dress chastely, including wearing a veil. I would never suggest that she not dress how she feels appropriately, and I know that she dresses this way by choice (because no one, not even her parents) would dare tell her how to live her life.

    Why is it that you are in the wrong in a conflict between white culture and Islam or someone else’s culture? Because white people generally are in the wrong. You’ve clearly not heard of white privilege.

    And to even suggest that Islam is a “superstition” clearly shows your intolerance for anyone different to you and who believes differently to you. The US has religious freedom, therefore Muslims are as free to practise their religion as you are to practise yours.

    Do Muslim nations support other religions? That depends on the nation and their indigenous culture (despite what you believe, Muslims are not homogeneous). Islam actually states that there are several other faiths that are “Of the Book” and who are not to be persecuted. These include Christianity, Judaism and Mandaens.

    Some countries have good religious freedom and tolerance between the different religions, some don’t. This goes for Christian nations and Muslim nations, and nations with other religions. Go and do your research before making sweeping statements, I suggest for this issue the US State Department reports on Religious Freedom.

    And when you are in someone else’s country, you should try and be respectful to that country’s culture. I know you are going to reply that in your eyes the Muslims are not doing that in your country, but the US prides itself on being the leader of the free world (which I won’t even begin to debate right now, that’s a whole different issue), and to be a leader in human rights – this means that being a leader in religious tolerance is important.

    You don’t like Muslims, well that’s what i think you are saying, so try prefacing your blog with that first. State up front your prejudices, acknowledge them to yourself and to others and don’t think that sledging an entire religion is ever a good idea.

    Rebecca | Jun 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. Free Clue, Rebbecca – Islam isn’t a race. Why are you so desperate you automatically open your comment with that tired, transparent and dishonest tactic?

    Anti-religious? You got that one right. I’m very anti-religion, and it’s not limited to Muslims.

    Try and back up some of your wilder statements with fact next time… what evidence are you using to support the “culture” of Muslims suicide bombing?

    Every single week there are Muslim suicide bombings. I’d say that’s a pretty relevant fact, and most reasonable people would agree.

    And to even suggest that Islam is a “superstition” clearly shows your intolerance for anyone different to you and who believes differently to you. The US has religious freedom, therefore Muslims are as free to practise their religion as you are to practise yours.

    All religion is superstition. Every one of them. Stating a fact is not intolerance, and I fully support the rights of people to believe whatever they want. When it comes to murdering their children and other bystanders and anyone who disagrees with them, as Muslims often do, I’d rather not tollerate that.

    Dave Hitt | Jun 28, 2009 | Reply

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